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Ponies, Not the Little Kind (OOC)

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((Hold your horses (hah), people. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I enjoy naming my horses stupid things. I have linked pictures to the names of my various horses to show where the inspiration comes from (Which I will explain in minor detail as well). I think it'd be fun to see if anyone else has named their horse/chicken/wolf/car/bike/whatever/et cetera something clever so feel free to reply with yours.


Pfranz Pferdinand - First off, Pferd is the German word for Horse. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, assassinated by the Young Bosnia youth group (Black Hand/Unification or Death) sparked the First Great War. Maybe it's in bad taste to name a fictional horse after an assassinated leader whos death sparked a war that killed several million people but I have a sense of humor, shoot me for it.

Pferdinand Magellan - Again, play off the German word for Horse. A famous Portugese explorer, Ferdinand Magellan sailed for Spain to South America and around to the Phillippines where he was killed by the natives before his expedition could make it back to Europe.

Morgan Freeman - This one at least doesn't involve a murdered European. Morgan Freeman is, as most if not all of you are aware, the greatest narrator and movie God of all time. But, there is also a type of horse known as the Morgan Horse. Morgan Freeman. Morgan Horse. Put two and two together people.

Joseph Stallion - Joseph (or Iosef) Stalin, a Communist leader of Russia from the Nineteen Twenties to the Nineteen Fifties. Stallions are male horses that have not been castrated yet, and at a young age Stalin was involved in a horse-related accident that permanantly injured his left arm, making it shorter than his right. Making this one was an obvious choice for me.

Mr Baggins - Bilbo Baggins aka Mr. Baggins aka Lots of other stuff, is a protagonist in the Lord of the Rings and a Hobbit from the Shire. "How the hell does this relate to horses?" you may be asking. Well the answer is simple, really. There is a breed of horses called Shire Horses, making my Mr. Baggins horse a Shire Horse from The Shire.


But let's not beat a dead horse (hah) here. Feel free to comment your own animals/vehicles names or don't. I really don't care, it's 3 AM and I just don't care. <3 you))


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Black Mamba-My first challenger horse back in testing.  He just looked so black and sleek it reminded me of the snake (I like reptiles as well as spiders) Twice I killed the person who shot my horse... one of them still reminds me of it to this day.

Grampa Wolf - Canni's blight wolf, and that came from the rp I played out getting him.  As goes the quest the shiva told her that its the blight wolf that chooses.  He was the oldest there having lost his rider in battle and chose the spirited young girl so that he would not outlive another.

Severed Limb - Nisha has a fastback that is painted flesh tone with splatterings of blood red.  Aiid pretty much had driven her nuts over the years and the name came from what usually happened to her during those encounters.



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I've had some funny (to me at least ) vehicle/mount names. 

Electric Six was an electric dune buggy. It was funny at the time as it was what I listened to a lot while driving in game.

Epic Mount was my blightwolf. I was surprised it was not taken.

I think I had a horse named butt stallion but I can't remember it very well.

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My Chicken is named Nugget.  I dont know how I got that name.  But I did.


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my first horse back in the beginning was Leeloos Multipass. after that, they got more odd. Luncheon Meat and Weak Adhesive (old nag). i had a prairie chicken named Extra Crispy. Lee's cars are The Roadrunner and painted the colors of the cartoon character, and Hellcat Cruiser for her CHOTA name. she has a badland rider named Rice Burner after Vader made a joke about the motorcycles in vent. Leeloo has Pale Queen because her rp backstory is that she became queen of the Sunset Hill pale one den after Larissa was killed in some rp that was played out years ago. Abby has a hearse with the tag reading Forensics Chick. if we were allowed numbers in mount names it would be 4N6 CHIK.

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My mounts are:

Humpy McHumpington - My Prairie Chicken mount that I won and I came up with the name by..... Thinking like a British gentlman.... Yea... I love you too Petyr.

Valk Wolf - My Blight Wolf mount made for use with my Valkyrie suit, I couldn't really think of a good name.

Samurais Edge - My barely touched dark green Motorcycle that I somewhat rarely use now.

The Wehrmacht - My first and only Speedster/Car with the colors that represent the Wehrmacht.


(I had a horse... but I got rid of it... It dead...)

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(Fighting) Falcon - Heavily modified, armored and armed Dust Motors interceptor with overpowered engine and gas consumption of small nation. Named after US fighter aircraft. Often targeted by Reavy's enemies aswel as Vista eco-terrorist branch.

Rammpanzer - Even heavier armored, but unarmed muscle car destined to roadkill. Named after German WW 2 tank project (heavy tank with ramming blade instead of cannon)

Kampfwagen - Light armed recon buggy. Winner of several demolition derbies. 

David Harleyson - Reavy's chopper, prize from wet shirt contest.

Internment - Basic car that changed color more often than District forts change owners. Mostly for snatching people and disguise jobs.


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((This is for that brat Ally that complained there were no actual ponies on this post))





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Little Brownie - It's brown. Supposedly given to Ally.

well... I don't remember Ally's Interceptor name (sorry Gina). I think I used it like.. twice.. or 3 times.

Green Brownie - a green Little Brownie on wheels.

Unofficial (given/used OOCly):

- Big Burguer - a Buggy in a shape of hamburguer.

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