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 Marcel Duchamp. Given. 1) The Waterfall, 2) The illuminating gas (Etant Donnés) 1946-1966. Courtesy of the Philadelphia Museum of Arthttps://www.youtube.com/watsoooooo creepy!:ch?v=DkDx0cmOSHkPablo Picasso: Faun with Stars, 1955.:Pablo Picasso:&feature=player_embeddedhttps://www.yoI like to be tired. In some ways, that’s the point of what I do. I don’t want to be thinking when I go to bed, or, if there is some residue from the day, I want it to drain out and precipitate me into nothingness. I’ve always enjoyed the idea of nonexistence. I view pets with extraordinary suspicion: we need to stay out of their lives. I saw a woman fish a little dog out of her purse once, and it bothered me for a year. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with my ability to... communicate: I have a cell phone, but I only use it to call out.”
―from CROW FAIR by
Thomas McGuane


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