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The Photograph

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The Photograph.

Death is timeless. More accurately, for a clone, the time spent dead is not like a sleep.

If anyone has ever had a medical operation, they know that the time spent under aneasthetic does not exist. One moment your counting back from ten. next moment you have woken up. A sudden waking and with no idea where you are excepts its not where you were a second ago. Caring nurses urgently calming the initial panic. Softly telling you all is fine, your operation was a success and now you are waking in the recovery room

Thus it is for clones. Alpha clones anyway. Waking up in a strange unknown world. But without caring nurses calming. Just a workaday Graham. And to them your 'just another clone' like the thousands that have come and gone before you. they pass you the basic kit, show you the door. Next !

Let us then imagine our subject, and consider the shock of an abrupt awakining. Consider her timeless sleep. A year, maybe? Maybe even five years? After all, technology can change a lot in five years. We all know that.

Before the Fall, the Lifenet people, during breaks from research, as they perfected and developed the cloning processes often liked to play games. They often thought to themselves 'What if we try this...'


Just another day at the office for the Midway Grahams. Another naked clone is spat out into the world. Once again they take the speechless confused girl to the shower and give her carbolic soap and a towel. They go back to thier discussion of last nights card game or such.

The girl reappears from the shower wrapped shyly in her towel, trying to keep at least some modesty. The Graham hands her the pile of basic equipment. But as he does as he has many times before, he has another small task to do. The instruction was to put a small envelope into the pocket of theLife-Net standard issue jacket. Nothing more. Just put the envelope into the pocket. Anyway, the girl clone is far too confused. More than usual. The Graham shows her the way to the door. Justa another clone.


The girl clone blinks her eyes tightly shut as the hot Midway mid-day sun sears her unaccustomed eyes. She covers them with her hand as she stumbles out of the Life-net pod. 

Past the glare she can see some buildings. they look old and war beaten, the damabe makes them take on a familiar look. She pulls herself up onto unsteady legs, and despite the sound of gunfire and shouting all around, she makes her way quickly to the closest building.

The gunfire and shouting does not disturb her, she is used to it after all.

Once inside, she shuts the door behind herself, and crosses to a darker corner, squats down and lays the bundle of stuff the Graham gave her down on the floor in front of her.

She shakes her head violently in an attempt to clear some if the confusion and fog in her mind. She decides to take stock of the bundle. It is when she is inspecting the coarse Life-net issue jacket that she finds the envelope which had been pushed into the pocket.

Crossing to a low window, she tears open the envelope. Inside she finds a faded, very scratched old photograph.


the photgraph



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(( that's bizarre. I like it and look forward to more.


PS. never listen to a Graham clone. )

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