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Peaceful in the Spivey residence

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Silja stood behind the board, slowly and methodcally ironing the pile of laundry. She hummed a little tune to herself as she steamed and pressed the tiny blouses and colourful dresses. The pile on the left diminishing. The finished pile on the right smelled wonderful, warm and clean. 

Silja paused for a while. The aroma of fresh laundry triggered a little pleasant daydream.

Her pause caused the little three year old sitting on her playmat to pause also.  Anneka held a red plastic brick in each hand. The one in her right hovered over the part completed house which was emerging from the pile of coloured plastic bricks on the floor in front of her. 

Anneka's big brown eyes peered up, blinked. Then came the sweet grin. 

For a few moments Silja felt like she was the one playing on the floor, smiling back at her Momma. She remembered the  old stone farmhouse, the smell of warm laundry. The mooing of  cows fattening themselves in the rich meadow in which nestled their home. Slija closed her eyes a moment and a crystal bead fell out of the corner of one eye.

Silja smiled hugely back at the wonderful, infectious grin beaming up at her from the nursury floor. 

"Ooo finish..?"

" Not quite, two more things, then I come and help. Ok?"

"Ho keeee !"

"Count me five bricks while I finish up here hmm?"

Anneka chuckled. " Sure.. herrm   . One... Tooooo... Freee... Fourrrr.... an.... Fife ! "

The Toddler grinned as Silja clapped congratulations. Anneka, both eager to please and also because she knew the next part of the game. She went right ahead to part two. 

Anneka places five more bricks in sequence.

"Einn.... Tvö..... þrjú.... Fjórir... Fimm.. ! "

Silja cackled out loud with joy, clapping her hands again

" Framúrskarandi.. Excellent. Anni ! "

Silja put the clean clothes into the gaily coloured wardrobe and then joind Anneka on the play mat. Together they assembled a square, knobbly building from the plastic bricks and then set it next to some other similar knobbly plastic brick constructions in corner of the nursury.

 Anneka then trotted some plastic farm animals  to the new build. The play farm was taking shape. They played farm for some time until the shadows grew long outside. 

" Soon is bed time Anni, Momma and Pabbi come home soon so we better get you ready hmm ?"

" Awwwwwwww.. ". Anneka pouted. "I want play farm like you tole me about  in the icy land"

"Yeah, but you know Momma likes you all tucked up in bed when she gets home. You know."

Another pout.

" Let's get ready and we'll sing a song together, deal? "

Anneka considered the deal for a few seconds then  grinned " Uh huh ! . I wanna Pabbi song !"

Ten minutes later a scrubbed and shiney Anneka bounced into her soft and lacy bed. The two jouned hands. Big rown eyes grinned at smiling ice blue nordic eyes. Deep breaths were taken. The song started.

"Pabbi ekki kaupa mér einn bow-wow.. bow-wow , "

"Pabbi ekki kaupa mér einn bow-wow.. bow-wow , "

"Ég er með kisa kött,"

" og ég elska það,"

" í raun  ég vil ei Bow-wow-wow "


Silja tucked the still giggling tot into bed. The song was fun. Anneka loved the litle ditty, but was also aware that Poppa wouldn't approve. Which made it all the more exciting.


Silja shut the door behind herself as she left Anneka to sleep. She grinned. She knew being live in Nanny to Joe and Kirsten Kjaer-Spivey was a responsible job. A responsibility she loved dearly. She had not felt this happy for many years.


Still, it was nice to still get a little quiet rebellion in from time to time. To get one over on Spiveyjoe?  Heh ! Why not?


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Awwww Sweeeet. And as soon as Annie can do a presentation business plan about how having a bow wow will turn a profit... Joe will consider it. :P

BTW, you should write more often.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Anneka sings " Daddy wouldn't buy me a bow-wow" to momma 

Iss eggsackertly wot I said .....    Idd-eee- oot !

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............................................ 0.0 .............................. bugger. *Starts looking at the puppy adverts.*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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*Takes a cue from Joe and sells puppies* =P

In the land of Gods and Monsters I was an Angel, living in the Garden of Evil.

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Dog breeding can be very profitable!

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