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Outward, the Circles Grow. [6]

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Dwight Frye paused for a moment outside the door of The Ranyhyn Company office. His mind was still full of the image of the wasted form of Miss Berg. He had not actually entered the office since before Hanne got shot. All the while he had been in the building with Fischer he had remained in the cellar. He reached into his pocket and took out the keypad with which he disarmed the security system. He put the key into the lock and turned it. Immediately he became suspicious.

It was something about how the key felt different than usual. Dwight pushed the door open wide, staying back until he got a full view of the room inside. Very cautiously he edged into the gloomy room, his hand felt the light switch and with a click, the room became illuminated well enough for him to see there was no one inside. His hand felt it’s way around the other side of the door until his fingers felt and closed around the small hatchet he always kept there. Now armed he felt a little more self confident and moved further into the room.

There was no other sound except the usual faint background noise coming from the plaza. Carefully he made his way to the door on the right which lead to the kitchen and toilet area, axe raised just in case. He again flung open that door. Nothing.

More certain there were no unwelcome guests he relaxed and took in the surroundings. Everything seemed in order. This was Dwight’s domain and he knew where everything was and where it should be, and all seemed to be where it was meant to be.

His keys jingled as he selected from the ring the one for Hanne’s office. He inserted it and turned. Again it did not feel right. Dwight was sure this lock had also been picked. He peered through the smoked glass to be sure there was nobody inside then he pushed the door wide and readied himself to enter.


Is there a problem Mr. Frye?” The voice came from the office entrance.


Dwight’s high state of alertness made him spin around and raise the hatchet ready to throw it. Then he recognised the owner of the voice and stayed his hand.

Officer Kopkage.”

Kopkage relaxed as he saw the hatchet being lowered and breathed again, allowing a smirk.

So. Is there a problem?” Kopkage stepped inside, looking around the room as he did. “Or do you usually wander around your office with an axe?”

Frye looked at the axe in his hand, shrugged and placed it on the floor. “No problems, Officer.” He tried to shrug off the obvious but Kopkage just shook his head and moved further into the room.

It looks like we’ve been burgled.” Dwight knew Kopkage was probably the most astute of all of Crabbe’s squad so he elected to cooperate, a little. “But I’ll handle it.”

Anything missing?” Kopkage moved toward Frye, nonchalantly, but easing Frye deeper into Hanne’s office.


Kopkage was a good cop. He knew Frye was nothing more than a glorified taxman. Kopkage’s trained eyes saw a lot more in a crime scene than Frye ever would. Plus he had Frye on the back foot simply by dint of the fact that although Frye was on home turf, Kopkage’s sudden appearance at a time when Frye was not sure if there was anything that should be kept hidden had unsettled him slightly.


The two men continued their inspection of the room. Dwight relaxed more as he was quite sure nothing was out of place.

So what brings you here, Officer Kopkage?” Dwight asked, hoping to end Kopkage’s visit sooner rather than later.

Curiosity, I suppose.” Kopkage’s eyes still took in every detail of the room.


Kopkage nodded. “I got a little nugget of information earlier. Made me think.”

What would that be?” Dwight felt uneasy for some reason.

Then Kopkage spotted it. Something that Frye’s amateur eyes had overlooked but did not escape the eyes of a good cop.

Something that either you were withholding. Or perhaps were not aware of..” Kopkage knew he was rambling but he still needed an opportunity to pick IT up without Frye noticing. Frye’s eyebrow raised. Kopkage decided to deliver the knockout.

Did you know Henning Mortensson is.. sorry, was.. Hanne Berg’s father?”

It worked. Frye was stunned by the revelation. Kopkage deftly picked IT up from the desktop.

The revelation had indeed taken Frye by surprise.“I err..” He stuttered, trying regain his composure. “I.. didn’t know that. Umm, you said was?”

The cop nodded. “Some scav brought in Mortensson’s car, the inside looked like an abbatoir. Seems like he drove into a tree at quite a speed and provided the local wildlife with a free lunch.”

Kopkage was now certain this was indeed news to Frye.

Frye’s mind filled with thoughts about Hanne, incapacitated in her bed, oblivious to the world, She had never told him this. How could she keep it from him. All the years Henning had worked for The Company and nobody knew? Did she not trust him? His mind howled, he was confused.

Confused enough to blurt out. “But I thought the Hennengsdottir girl was his daughter!”

Kopkage stopped his eyebrow from rising just in time.

Anyway. I guess maybe you are the best person to give Miss Berg the news. I’ll leave you to it!” Kopkage showed a thin, false smile. He had got what he came for. And a little bonus. “Good day!”



With that, Kopkage left Frye to his thoughts. He made his way straight to the Station to have a closer look at IT.

He opened a small clear plastic evidence bag and popped the strand of ginger hair inside.


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((Wheres the Like buttons to add to all these stories!  

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((Dammit! She should have wore the hood, that's what it's there for :D Kids, pft.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((... Hmmm. What's Kopkage going to do with that strand of hair I wonder?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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