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Outward, the Circles Grow. [4]

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Officer Kopkage tapped on the door and pushed it open. The office was bright, not as big as he had expected but still well appointed, functional. The furnishings were simple, to one side a row of filing cabinets stood to attention and to the other, a comfortable sofa took pride of place next to a large window which looked out onto a low stone veranda.

Mayor Troy?” Kopkage entered the room and made his way towards the light oak desk which was as functional as the rest of the office. Large but simple, not overly indulgent like some he had seen. On one side, a pile of files were neatly stacked. On the other he noticed a small tabletop ornament, a gold plated plinth which supported a mast extending vertically. From the mast hung a red flag which bore a white cross. Kopkage wondered what it’s significance was, he did not recognise it.

But he did recognise the subject of the photograph in a small gilt frame next to the flag. The penetrating blue eyes, the short black hair, the almost smile. The mercenary, Reavy. So the rumours were true, Mayor Troy batted for the other team. He let his eyes be distracted by Troy’s long blonde hair, the shapely figure under the sober business outfit, the hint of cleavage. What a waste!

The Mayor’s voice jerked Kopgage out of his reverie.

It’s not often we are visited by the NFPD.” Hyle offered a welcoming hand across the desk.

I am Officer Kopkage. Thank you for seeing me.” He replied and shook the offered hand gently.

Officer Cupcake?. Hyle bit hard to conceal the grin which threatened to escape and ruin her ‘official’ demeanour. She overided the urge to chuckle. “So how can I help you, Officer Kop..kage?” She bade him take a seat opposite her. Kopkage’s attention was stolen again by her ice blue gaze. His official mind grabbed his wandering thoughts by the tie and jerked him back to work.

So!.. Yes!.. Umm.” Kopkage blinked hard. “A few days ago a scavenger brought a car wreck into New Flagstaff. Judging by the mess inside we discovered the former owner had met a grizzly end, Quite literally. We found bear hair, items of blood soaked clothing, and so on and so forth.”

Sadly a common occurrence.” Hyle raised a questioning eyebrow.

True, but the scavenger found the driver’s papers. One Henning Mortensson. We are trying to trace any next of kin.”

I still can’t see the relevance.” Hyle’s statement was curt.

Mr. Mortensson was a former employee of The Ranyhyn Company. Owned By Miss Hanne Berg.”

Hyle nodded. Kopkage went on.

Miss Berg is currently in Hope Springs Clinic. The protocol demands we need your permission to make any enquiries in Hope Springs. As you know.”

Hyle paused and scribbled a few notes onto her notepad before returning her attention to the policeman.

You are quite correct Officer Kopkage. Thank you for observing the protocol.” Hyle paused for diplomacy sake and drew another breath. “As far as I understand, Miss Berg is in a coma.”

Kopkage nodded.

But, should she regain consciousness. I will ask Doctor Troy to let me know, and I will be in touch.” Hyle smiled politely.

Sensing his allotted time was up, Kopkage got to his feet, thanked Mayor Troy and was heading for the door when she stopped him.

Did you know Henning Mortensson was Hanne Berg’s father?”

Kopkage turned. “Er, No!” The news came as a complete surprise, Kopkage wondered why Dwight Frye had not mentioned this fact. Meanwhile Hyle had decided that this nugget of information was all she wanted to give to the NFPD. She certainly didn’t want to extend the revelations as far as Silja’s relationship to Mortensson. Hyle nodded confirmation, the nod also conveyed that the meeting was over.



When Kopkage had closed the door, Hyle scribbled a few more notes down and called Tuki.


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((Tuki has only ever trusted one policeman.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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