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Outward, the Circles Grow. [2]

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Nurse Maisie was just finishing fastening a loose cardigan on Hanne as Dwight and Dr. Troy entered the room. Dwight was initially surprised to see Hanne sitting upright ina wheelchair beside the bed. The last time he saw her she was attached to machines and monitors. The several wires and tubes keeping life going while the medics fought to save her.


We needed to move Hanne, after so long in one position bedsores become a problem. I am taking the opportunity to change the bedding” The stern looking Head Nurse explained.

Dwight felt a lump rising in his throat. The old saying, ‘The lights are on but nobody is home.’ seemed very apt. Hanne’s eyes had lost their fire and could only stare blankly ahead of her while the nurse fussed around the bed. The nurse paused momentarily to wipe a spot of drool which had appeared from Hanne’s mouth.

The mass of ash blonde hair had gone, and several kilo’s of body weight. Her clothing hung loosely around her shoulders and hips. But the one thing Dwight could not pull his eyes from was the vacant stare. Hanne looked like a shell of her former self. It was almost unbearable.

Physically she is well on the mend. She is a strong lady.” Dr. Troy offered some words of encouragement. “As you see she can sit up, she is taking food.” She didn’t mention that meant spoon feeding.

How aware is she?” Dwight asked, finally pulling his attention from Hanne to Dr. Troy.

She can see. She reacts to physical stimulii. But how much she is taking in, we can no be sure. I was sort of hoping she would recognize you.. But.” Dr. Troy sighed. “Why don’t you wheel her along the corridor a while, whilst we finish up here.”

Five minutes.” The nurse added curtly, fully aware of the clinic’s tight schedule and Doctor Troy’s burgeoning case-load.


Dwight found himself quietly bringing Hanne up to date on the company and further developments, although Hanne clearly was not aware. It just helped fill the silence as he wheeled her along the white painted corridor, he couldn’t think of anything else to say. He asked if there was anything she needed, but the thin cloth head covering never moved.

Dwight wheeled Hanne along the corridor twice more than returned her to her room.



Dwight assisted Nurse Maisie as they lifted Hanne back into a solid, crisply made bed.

Did Hanne have any other visitors. A Mr. Mortensson perhaps?” Dwight asked.

No, only you.” The nurse replied matter-of-factly as she finished tucking Hanne into the bed. “Don’t agitate her and keep noise and movement to a minimum.” She added brusquely just before closing the door behind her, heading for other duties.



Dwight sat at Hanne’s side for almost an hour, his huge shovel of a hand resting atop that of Hanne. Her hand remained unmoving. Finally, Dwight stood, said a quiet goodbye and left the Hanne, promising to return again the next day. He still had a visit or two to make. First being a return to the office. He had not been inside there since Hanne was shot.


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((The big question I find myself asking is how the erm, 'disturbed' Dwight is going to handle this.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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