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OOC: Religion Lore and IC

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I'll keep it short and simple, I know there are groups like the CoG and the Judges and to some extent the Lightbearers (whom I don't consider "religious" so much as spiritual), and possibly the All Mind (but I haven't delved deeply into their lore yet) that are all fucked up religious psychos in the Lore of the game, but is there any remnant of Pre-Fall religions? Judges seem like remnants of Christianity that got ahold of Cocaine and Illuminati conspiracy books, but other than that I don't really see any connections - or havent found any yet. But I don't see anyone declaring themselves Christians or Muslims or Buddhist.

And another question; Whether there are or aren't remnants of Pre-Fall religions, what of Post-Fall? Is there no religious group created Post-Fall that isn't bent on murdering another group? I have yet to encounter (or remember one) a group that was religious, and peaceful or at the very least... Peaceful based on Apocalypse rules.

Third and final question is, do any of your characters have a religion or set faith in a deit(y/ies) or is everyone in the game a bunch of heathens? I know my alt Reficule considers himself "Post-Fall Christian" (basically bending the morals and teachings of his Pre-Fall faith to fit survival in a wasteland) but other than him I don't know of any characters being religious.

A) NPC or Character groups that are based on Pre-Fall religious groups?
B) Peaceful Post-Fall unique religious groups? 
C) Your Characters personal beliefs?




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Human league are racists, based on KKK mostly
Open book society worship the All-Mind, they are structured / based on Pre-Fall doomsday cult, I think.
Judges are extremely violent... hmm.. I agree, they are somewhat influenced by sin and repentance concept
travelers worship money

B) Lightbearers are peaceful "religious" group, somewhat based on Asia philosophy.
Shiva worship the virus that led to their creation. I would call them peaceful (except when they want to replace the air with toxic fumes and kill everyone)

C)*Engel is sincerely religious. I wouldn't write OOC about it though.

General notes: technically, it's a game and no religion or prophet will be found in it. There is some sense about it though, since Apocalypse usually breeds new religions anyway and abandons old ones.

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A) No idea don't care.

B) Yes, I guess Lightbearers are peacfull underneath it all.

C) Non of my characters have any religious leanings. Tuki, being a lightbearer, was exposed to the doctrine but rejected it as having no bearing on reality.

I think today's religions were kept out of the game deliberately and for good reason. I would be very suspicious of anyone's character prosthelytising or expounding on any RL religion in the game.

edited to add: Also, in the OP is the phrase "... or is everyone in the game a bunch of heathens?" Now technically a heathen is someone who follows no organised religion but it has been taken over by christians and used as a derogatory term for anyone who does not worship their god. The way it is written here suggests the latter and is a prime example of why RL religion needs to be kept out of the game. Some would find this phrase offensive. Personally it annoys me the way the phrase is used here to suggest that 'heathens' are somehow lesser people than those who follow the christian god.

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A) Non that I know of, but they might not have had any.Trying to keep game lore separate from RL. Or at least the idea that all Pre-Fall knowledge is mostly forgotten. (Which would be why they don't know who wrote the "Cheers" theme song or the rules for Baseball.)

B) Again, none that I know of....so far

C) I actually tried to play Betty as not having any real idea of what religion was. Don't know if I did good at that or not, but being as she had no Pre-Fall life that's known, she never cared about religion.

And as a side note: Joe,  I know it's Petyr that said it, but I think he was meaning the phrase "..or is everyone in the game a bunch of heathens" as a joke. At least I read that line in jest.

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Yes, it may very well have been said in jest, and that is how you may have read it. But in a predominantly western/christian culture it is an 'in joke' to the 'in crowd', the in crowd being the christian church. But if you are not part of that 'in crowd', that cosy insular society, then maybe the joke is not so funny. And that is precisely my point. That is exactly why RL religion needs to be kept out of games (and probably forums like this because even this thread could very quickly become unpleasant). Religion, 'real' religion, is too personal and too divisive to be included in a social activity like an MMO.

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I did not mean any harm in it, and according to you the "in crowd" here is the Church, and by no means am I a part of Christianity IRL so I am not in the "in crowd" making your argument here rather pointless. I am not Christian, nor did I mean for the term to be used in a way that refered to anyone other than Christians. I meant it as "is everyone atheist" - something I am myself.

I am sorry you took my post offensively but it was meant to enlighten me and others if they wished, about any religious lore or leanings the post-Apocalyptic setting had on groups and people since the lack of lore regarding this subject put me off. Personally I'd like to know what the NPC's motives are behind killing everyone and not just accept a "Oh, they're NPC enemies, you need to kill them." view of them. I was playing Fallout 3 and NV the last few days and the "Church of Atom" in Megaton as well as the ghouls that followed Jason Bright in a religious journey, and to some extent those people in Point Lookout that worship the Punga Fruit, made me think about the game I truly love - Fallen Earth - and if we had anything similar.
I was merely trying to make myself learn and not get your feelings, or anyone elses, hurt. I also tried to refrain from being passive aggressive or sarcastic in this reply, so if I come off as such anytime in this comment, I apologize for that too but you know it's difficult for me not to be a smartass.


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Petyr. i do not find your post offensive in any way and I am sorry if i gave that impression. All I was trying to point out was that bringing up RL religion in an MMO is an extremly risky venture simply because it IS such a touchy subject. The reference to the heathen phrase was only meant to illustrate this and how it could be taken offensively. I expounded on this explaining how the term affected me, ie, i found it annoying that christians use this as a derogative term - as in 'bunch of heathens'. So again, I did not and do not take offence at the post.

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Is funny but just this past Saturday Crista and Stanlie were talking about religion and the existence or not of a higher being. I don't remember enough of the lore to answer either question A or B.

But I did had somewhat of a religious character before in here, he was a one lifer therefore worried about his mortality and his soul. He would search for recently "deceased" clones and ask them if they had seen something when they die. Pretty much every interviewed clone said not to have seen anything, therefore his belief that clones don't get to see the afterlife  because they have no soul. 


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A: *Shrugs*

B: *Shrugs again*

C: My Character (Axton) has the same religion I have in real life but I cannot tell anyone due to the fact that people must learn his backstory from himself, but since no one really asks him which is good because his backstory will stay unknown to the community. Axton also tends to keep his religion in private so no one doesn't look at him the wrong way.

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I don't like religions


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A) I'm not really paying attention to those parts of the game although maybe I should.

B) I'm assuming some of their are peaceful post fall religions.

C) Dan sorta made up his own religion but it kinda focuses on him only but people are free to join him in his belief. He thinks that their are no gods or spirits not because he's skeptic but because he has never seen them or been proven such. What he also thinks about his "religion" is that he should only steal if he really needs it.


That's not so much a religion as like... Personality type.

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A) There's been a lot of lines drawn to similarities between Native American beleif systems and the CHOTA. while not many people actually play it up, theres some offical fiction relating to Prophets and tribes traveling very long distances off advice from spiritual advocates that spoke of a promised land brought to them by spirit animals and such.

B) The All-Mind has its Open Book cult, The CoGs worship their AI like its oging to bring them salvation and evolve mankind, the Judges were previously mentioned but theres some offical info in the timeline somewhere (the offical fiction too) regarding how their ceremonies progress (the have a Priestess/queen kind of atmosphere)... Agree with Engel that the Human leauge are basically post-apoc KKK. Then there's the Shiva's Blessed and Shiva's Favored which distinguish themselves seperatly and actually war with each other. One group is much more hostile about terraforming and remaking the planet by what they think Shiva is telling them to do vs those who realize its a disease and are tryign to seclude themselves and live out the rest of their lifespans as best they can. One might wonder if the Enforcers still support praying to god for blessings before battles.

C) Ardenn's concept of religion is an odd one due to the fact that he became aware of the Fourth Wall quite a long time ago. He's on the Deadpool line of thought, that there are definatly things controlling whats going on, be they gods or something else. If it really came down to labeling him, he probably followed more Bhuddist ideaology than anything else.

Sekhemet was named for worshipping the god Set, and was a Shiva doing research on the human population. His story never got fully realized though, I never ended up having time to play him regularly.

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There is however hints of Norse religions. Some of the raiders in sector one were named after Norse gods.


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Lightbearers have their own version of religion one that teaches healing and peace through using our mutations as the next step in evolution. Then Lightbearers have the extremes who believe that all non mutated should be killed . Even to the point of death or conversion.  The Monastery was founded by Shakti as opposition to expose Alex masters and his experiments. The whole LB thing is about Science vs religion. LB are so fixated at times on the "search" they are themselves blind, not blind as in eyes dont work, but blind as in they are so focused on what is before them and what they PERCEIVE as correct, they fail to see all the others and the good they do. Condeming them instead because they are not ENLIGHTENED>  After the Fall of the Monastery the Counsel of seven was destroyed and never fully rebuilt. The remaining LB broke off into subgroups founding the other LB towns and outposts. SO each LB town has a diffeerent view on religion depending on the leader of that town.  For example the Sun and Moon subsect are based in Haven and they enforce the "Curse of the Unblessed" they hunt down anyone who has not had Shiva virus in fear that they may start a new outbreak.  The "Brightest Flame" subsect lives in Alpha and are even more inbred as they believe in mutant superiority and all non mutated are to be treated as cattle to be exploited and eliminated as they wish.

As for my toon Mutare Nebula, she doesnt have any one set of religious belief, instead subscribes to the TAO belief of helping all.  (www.theawakenedorder.guildlaunch.com)  which tends to not make her to welcome to other LB.


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