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One of our listeners would like to speak to...

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'...and rub the infected area three times a day with the onion until the swelling starts to vanish.'

'Well our thanks to our local Doctor for this useful information about healing spider bites.'

'Susan Grindel here at the Spider Hill Radio Station and now... oh wait a moment... I have just been handed an announcement to make for one of our listeners who would like to speak to some of you lucky people out there.'

'If you are a Baka Neko, Gamma Mudo, Kyra Mudo, Lee Korban, Zybella or oh... our sponsor Joe Spivey then Big Joel would like to speak to you about information you may have. You can contact him through the Franklin Riders or at radio frequency 986,76 MHz. Oh... he has also lost a woman... What? Oh I have read that wrong? ...sorry he is also looking for a woman called.. Lost. So if you folks are out there please get in touch with Big Joel.'

'And now the weather... out of the window it looks...'

((To contact Big Joel mail or PM Jake Grimes



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((Is happy to say that this radio tower idea resulted in two meetings in less than 24 hours. 
I want to thank the players behind this idea, among other it gives an opportunity to stay ic and avoid contacting people ooc.
I can stay ic and follow up on the clues I find with my character, it really helps me keep the mood and flow going.

Thank you! :) 

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