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NoWHere near here

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https://youtu.be/XFP_RKY4-WA  Death  Hear Huh?: Clear ahhh he stops the kiss MMM.  yummy Yummy?? LoL loh oh oh oh shes vanished  i am the NON Clone  within  u, dave Telepathy thru YOU  like ur drone  Noth  Piss  FLOWIN like wind INTo A kiss OM On INTo the FIX  toward the  TOMB  flowers withered stones AH HAH NitetimeS/ LAST shroud  when sun has moved around  U again Goodbye SUNSHINE  Good morning her kiss  INTO SUNSHINE gone  GET out dave Gogone to another virtual Real.. we dont want u here in this one... Go north NothNoWHere near here ''LA LA Land"?
 YES, NO REEL TO REEL yes dave no loopsdave prick real FREAKS PLAY no loopsdave  fibre  https://youtu.be/vQc-Jhttps://youtu.be/rA1n4oOYLfYyGQ9ec     CB150E3699B80A1E057A273189A1854A0EDEDF44


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