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No World for Old Bean Counters.

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Four percent.”


Wesley Drayton had cleared his throat before speaking and felt compelled to clear it again as the cold stare coming from the other side of Mayor Hyle Troy’s desk increased the discomfort he felt. The Head of Accounts for Hope Springs watched as Mayor Troy’s right eyebrow raised. Drayton shuffled in the chair.


The cost of the school was more than…..”


I know.” Hyle said flatly, cutting Drayton off. “And I could sit here and listen for the rest of the morning to you listing a whole bunch of other reasons why we should not give the medical staff at the clinic and the hostel reasonable salary increase for the first time in a long while. While at the same time, receipts are increasing as the town grows.”

Growth in indenlandske produkt means growth in available funds for the town. Means, as the citizens prosper so should those who work within our services. Means, those workers will have more available income to spend, therefore increasing indenlandske produkt more. Am I correct?”


Drayton felt his mouth go dry. Miss Troy had just asked him if she was correct. A question to which there was only one answer. Squirming, he desperately tried to avoid a direct answer by asking question of his own.


But the shareholders… You?” The words escaped his mouth before he had time to stop them and Drayton regretted the move almost immediately.


What shareholders ?” Mayor Troy pinned him with a stare, breathing through her nose. Hyle raised her voice “The citizens are our shareholders! The whole point of this town is that we share our prosperity.”


But what about The Foundation members. Mrs. Kjaer-Spivey, the others, yourself even !?”


Hyle stood up and leaned forward on her desk. The eyes still glared coldly but the calm had returned to her voice.


As I have tried to explain to you several times before. The Troy Foundation is a philanthropic organisation. It is a means by which we can plant a seed to grow a future which will turn this mess of self destructive, conflicting self-interest, around. Those involved are not shareholders awaiting a return on their investment, they want this world to be a far better, fairer place than that which went before and are there to contribute to help enable it !. But. You seem to be unable to grasp that concept.”


Hyle pointed out the window.


Out there we have a whole bunch of people working hard towards a better, safer future. Paying their dues. Confident that Hope Springs will be there for them from cradle to grave. Good times or bad.”

Now, you go away and think hard about what it is that I employ you for and come back with a better proposal that the one you have just delivered. Klar?”


Hyle nodded at him, not breaking eye contact. Drayton found himself involuntarily nodding in return.


See me tomorrow morning, same time.”


As a shaken Drayton closed the door behind him, Mayor Troy returned to her seat.

“Forbandet gamle verden konservatisme.” She hissed.


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((Don't let Joe hear you talking like that, you'll give the old skinflint a heart attack!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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As the title says "No World for Old Bean Counters"

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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*Writes notes*.... nod....not break eye contact.... I will try this with boss tomorrow.

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((Will not try with boss again. Why have i more work to do? I kept the eye contact and nod...

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