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Fat bombs fell and destroyed the city. Hungry fire spread out leaving only ash and charred memories. Of course the buildings burned down, but the destruction was so great that even the streets were gone, not even a trace of these blood veins of a big city. These streets, like the houses, only remained in the minds of the survivors. They could retrace the steps in their mind, but the reality was a flat sea of rubble. You think this is some recent history class, the Fall and Shiva virus and all that. But you are wrong - history repeats itself - I'm talking about Tokyo in the mid 20th century and the last great world war.

What people of Tokyo did was to abandon all hope of rebuilding the city that existed only in their minds, the streets and houses as they once were. Instead, they used the only surviving streets they had, the underground metro. Metro stations became the pumping hearts of a town clogged with ash... and worse. When you look at it today you will see this biggest city in the world is rebuilt around the metro stations, like nexuses of undestructable energy. 

No, wait. When you look at it today.... as I said, the history repeats itself.

It is said that the Canyon province survived most of the apparent world wide destruction but there is no denying that the radioactive rains soaked it, burnt skies scorched it and changed creatures populated it. Those that refused to die huddled around the only surviving infrastructure that provided energy - the LifeNet bunkers. Like post-war Tokyo, everything was set for the big revival of a civilization based around undestructable energy nexuses. But it was not meant to be. The soil was fertile with the decomposing corpses, and the oppressive military order was down, but there was little joy to be had in this perpetual victory.

Instead of making something new from the fertile ground they went on to recycle, recreate and relive the past.

For once, something truly new has happened - humanity found itself with the broken back, and now everybody could only afford to look into themselves. They've lost all delusions that in the future they will be a space faring race, their destiny was rock solid and apparent to them now. Gods abandoned them, and it doing so, were abandoned themselves. When humanity looks up to the skies now they don't see a limitless, ever expanding ocean of possibilities. They see only void - and they are not afraid anymore.



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((Very moving .. ty

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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(( Sweet :D ))

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