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A Night off Work (Zombies ate my Neighbours)

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Silja hummed happily to herself, she applied some makeup to her face and did 'something' to her hair. What you can do to titivate dreadlocks is a perverse science and best left to... well, people like Silja.

But, it was saturday and the first saturday in a long time that Joe and Kirsten had  allowed Silja time of from nannying thier daughter Anneka. 

"So, off down to Hope then ! " Silja clambered into her car and roared off down the street. First stop, The vaults, pick up a little spending money. It was there she noticed her 'besterestest friend' Tuki.

 Silja clambered out of her car a little ungraciously, trying to stop the tight little skirt she wore from riding too far up her thighs. The pond area was usually crowded and she didn't want to let the perverts there getting a eyefull of her knickers or a peek down the plunging neckline of her favourite top.  Nevertheless, in a short few moments the maneuvre was completed safely and Silja scooted her way up to Tuki.

A few moments later, Silja felt sorely disappointed.

" Wot, issa no party inna Hopes! Why ?"

" Dint' you see the posters?"

Silja shrugged. " So whassa you doings hereTooks?"

Tuki explained that she had come to Flagstaff to see if her Mother was there. Hyle had been talking about Tukis car brakes then had stopped talking abruptly, went all 'wierd' and roared off in the direction of Flagstaff.

As Silja was 'all dressed up and nowhere to go'. The girls decided to head back to Hope Springs and for coffe and see if Hyle had returned there. 

Upon arrival at The Waffelhus they were greeted by the sight of a CHOTA man all dressed up and looking fearsome in spikey armours and holding a huge bar-bell menacingly.  Silja was apprehensive for a few moments but felt better as Tuki went straight up to the guy, greeting him, obviously she knew him as 'Sharky'. 

No sooner had they arrived when a motorbike pulled up and a tall.. well giant... of a girl  got off it. The girl was very tall and her strong frame was topped off with a shock of red hair. She was dressed in surgical scrubs. Having said that Silja recognised the familiar, if even more stronger looking former 'Bratpacker' Neflaug Stein. 

"Wooww" Neffie !" 

A discussion of what they had been up to in the intervening years ensued. They were too busy catching up to notice Tuki having an earnest conversation with the 'Spikeydog' guy. Tuki and he looked very serious indeed. This was totally opposed to the excited girlie-talk converstaion between Silja and Neffie.

Tukiko left shortly afterwards. rather hurriedly. The Chota guy resumed his guarding stance at the door. Neffie and Silja chatted about this and that.

Shortly, a car pulled up outside. Sharkdog hailed the driver. Silja sidled over in a lull in her chatter with Neffie.

The driver was called Zeke. He and Sharkdog started discussing the wierd stuff going on down south. 

" Yeah like rotters, Sija. Only these ones dont stop even when you blow thier heads off."

The guy Zeke asked Sharky " Seen any around here then.. Any wierdness, stuff like that?"

" Nahh." Sharky replied. " 'Cept maybe just Hyle. But she's mostly wierd anyways, usually man trouble. Yanno? She kinda just wandered off. But she does that."

" Hmm, women huh?" Zeke nodded. " Anyways, thanks for the intel, see you around !"

He climbed back into his car and drove off north towards Flagstaff. Back inside The Waffelhus. The two girls were getting bored, restless. 

Silja perked up. " Lessa see iffn'I can get he radio working huh?, Maybe little musik,  dance.."

Sharky made a few comments about tech witchcraft and stuff like that, as Neffie went outside and lit a smoke for herself, chatting a bit with the big CHOTA guy. Meanwhile Silja started searching for batteries for the radio in one of the cupboards behind the counter.  She didnt find batteries.

"EEEWWWWWWWW !..  Issa bunch of rotted meats in here! The ratses haffa eated it ups and lefted it to goings all mouldy. Issa all icky inna here "

The other two Joined Silja and peered into the cupboard. Sharky looked more concerned than most. Despite the girle ewwwing, he took charge and wrapped some of the rotten meat up in a  napkin, scrawled a note to Tuki.

" Gotta get this down to the clinic. You girls look around see if anything else is out of the ordinary. You now Hyle and her OCD about cleanliness behind here. This is way not right."

Shark arrived at the clinic to find it empty. No Tuki, no Nurse Maisy. and no Hyle Troy.

20 minutes later the girls met up with Sharkdog at the clinic and presented him with a live rat, captured inside a tin can with holes punched into the sides  so the chagrined but petrified creature could breath. Sharkdog scrawled another note. 

"This is wierd" Sharky muttered as he closed the clinic door behind them as they left.


(( written from memory, I REALLY should get into the habit of chatsaving.. sorry :P ))


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((Better memory that I have just now... What was my name again? *Shuffles off back to the comfy sofa* ...blergh. Shopping's going to be fun.

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(( Writing from memory can be pretty itneresting at times though. Seeing what a person remembers is sometimes more informitive than an exact log. ))

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And that shows how much i remember :D


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