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A New Sheriff In Town

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The hot sun began to beat down on the abandoned town, there a street bike began roaring up the road echoing in the near abandoned town.  It would come to a screeching halt as smoke steamed off the back tire from the sudden reaction on gripping the hand brake.  As the bike remained still a foot would hit the kick stand and tilt the black and red bike to the side.  Taking off the helmet the tall figure took one long look at the station, his mind wondering had it really been that long?  All this time, wandering the wasteland, drifting, a Ranger for N.F.P.D.  


He would approach the door, wondering if the message was true.  Upon reaching the door, there was a chain, with a lock latched to it.  Apparently closed down, and locked up of course he always came prepared.  Going back to his bike he reached in the saddle bag as he pulled out the envelope with the message and key inside remembering what the note stated, "Get to the station, and the rest will be relayed to you there."  Upon turning Maddox would now begin heading to the door trying the key out.  To his surprise it worked, yet also to his amazement that the lock was still in good condition after all this time.  As he entered he could see how run down it was, from the first time he had been there.  The Bronze himself a Ranger and drifter that found a home here, and made it his life patrolling and of course sworn to help those.  As he inspected the building he saw a descent sized rock used as a paper weight holding down another envelope.





Taking the rock off the envelope and looking at it upon closer inspection Maddox noticed his name on it.  Taking his knife he would tear it open before then pulling out the small letter enclosed to him:


"  Dear Maddox,


I know you have been away for quite a while and not sure if you will ever get this letter.  However. due to unfortunate circumstances there is hardly anyone to continue N.F.P.D.  With this coming to a reality, I'm leaving enclosed for you all files, titles, keys to vault storage with resources at your disposal to insure in hopes you will continue this agency.  Keep in mind Maddox, those people need someone to watch over them, and sometimes the only way to answer justice with the law, is with blunt force.  I heard about your exploits and the reputation you established.  Just remember stick to what is good for you, and fuck it with considering the factions.  Livlihood always comes first in the wasteland before politics.  Remember what I taught you, and may it bring you and N.F.P.D. good fortune and for the people who live there.  Sometimes the only gift we can bring is hope, and maybe that's what this place needs.


With Care,

Kyra, and Lee"


He would set the letter down, could it be true he wondered?  He was now in charge, and this was both his home, and legacy to run too.  He figured there was much to do with straightening up this place, plus find the right people to recruit.  Fortunately he did manage to bring his toolbox with him on his bike, so he would be able to get the station functioning somewhat.  Hopefully he could live up to the reputation.


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Joe didn't quite believe the excited urchin, he had to go and look at the boarded up police station down the street for himself. Then he sighed, went back inside and wearily climbed the steps to his office. Taking a small ledger from the drawer he opened it to the page marked NFPD and scrubbed out the 0.00 at the bottom of the half full 'Expenses Out' column. What with this and Kirsten's new dress... he was distracted by a movement out of the corner of his eye and looked just in time to see a tangle of red hair duck behind an open story book. Joe's eyes narrowed before he bent his head to the open ledger and wrote a figure in the waiting column. Then he closed the ledger and locked it away.


((Welcome back. I hope you manage to find some familiar faces still around.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(Thanks man, again a lot of things have to consider.  I'm not sure what to do as far as the members listed as inactive, been trying to figure out what to do.  I didn't want to just kick folks out without knowing what the best course of action was.)

If you want me to give you any sympathy?  Well here it is, take my barrel, put it in your mouth and start sucking as I pull the trigger and blow your brains out.  Cause you're fucked up either way.  

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((Nice to know the nfpd still breathes and lives. Best of luck and hope you have fun. 

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(To be honest, came back into the game, and well that's what I found out default wise.  I don't mind keeping it going, but at the same time too, was really the first place my character called home..)

If you want me to give you any sympathy?  Well here it is, take my barrel, put it in your mouth and start sucking as I pull the trigger and blow your brains out.  Cause you're fucked up either way.  

((Have fun with it! I'm glad there is someone there to keep it going. I left you a message on the MotD, too. I might stop by sometime to chat with an old friend. :) You did a great job on the story given that you were handed it by default..it still sounded exactly like what we would have said in that letter. It makes me smile to know that someone wants to continue things, and it also made me think of some of the old times with so many talented and wonderful people in this game. Good luck Maddox!!! 

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 "I see The Rozzers are back.."

Dwight closed Hanne's office door behind him.

 "Hmm?" Hanne glanced up from writing up her notes on 'The Clown Caper.'

"I was passing 'Ye Olde Yeomanry', It was open and there was a Mad Max lookalike tidying the place up"

Hanne made a short laugh. "Typical they show up when all the fun is over!. It's probably one of the 'Noble Idiot' types, he'll probably end up dead soon enough, like that other one. What was his name. Sundance or something?"

"Subdane" Dwight corrected, helpfully.

"That was him."

Hanne put down her pen. " Have some of the boys keep an eye on the place. Shouldn't be too hard, they just have follow the sirens and gunfire, Coppers are amateurs. No subtlety whatsoever". She smirked.

Dwight smiled, nodding in agreement. Hanne returned her attention to her paperwork.

"Shall I send over a donation to the Police Benevolent Fund or something, Miss Berg?"

Hanne looked up again and shook her head. "Can you feel that ?, like a small earthquake?"

Dwight looked puzzled. "No"

 "It felt like Joe Spiveys wallet shaking. I think he will be covering any 'contributions' "

"Duct Tape. turning "No ! No ! No !  into mmph mmph mmph since 1942"

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