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Zek leaned with is forehead against the wall.  The flow of water from the pipe above him, splashed down the back of his neck, and over him rapidly cooling his body.  He focused on the water flow, and took slow deep breaths.

From behind him, the sounds of groans and movement let him know that the group of students were still tending to each other.  In all only 5 of the students had taken the challenge, 4 were now being bandaged and splinted, as attention was given to broken bones and torn ligaments.

The 5th, was the cause of Zek’s distress.  He knew that the body was a short distance away, covered in a sheet.  His tactical mind could not help going over the event again, but he knew it would not have changed.  The Student had taken a risk, and it cost him his life.

No one had seen the shock baton, till it was too late.  Everyone was trying their best to get Zek to move and he was doing his best not to hurt anyone more than needed to ward them off.  A twist here and a blow there popped wrists and elbows, or cracked ribs.  Then the world went sideways.  The idea was solid, hit the larger man with the baton, and fry his nervous system.  While he recovers, knock him over and incapacitate him.

The flaw that was not seen was that the aftereffect only lasted as long as it took the victim to recover.  The pain of the blow effected Zek, but not in the way it was expected to.  Instead of overloaded his system, it sent him into overdrive.  A rush of adrenalin instead of lactic acid and his heartrate increased, rushing the stimulus to every part of his body.  Zek basically recovered as soon as the blow ended, and he was in the equivalent of a psychotic rage.  It took less that 15 seconds to beat the kid to death, the fatal blow driving bone from his face into his brain.  It to 4 minutes to get Zek to stop beating the body, as his natural system burned off the adrenaline.


Letting go of the chain that opened the water Zek walked toward the door.  He did not look at the teacher, but simply said, “No more.  This was the last time.” and continued walking…


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((Tough lesson all round huh?

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Should have studied Troy Fu, no matter how big or strong they are. Their balls are always in the same place. 

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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Also good for collecting those annoying "Bring 'em alive" contracts.


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