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New Business in Town

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Damion leaned on the door frame looking in at the building.  It was a small place with tables, and a small serving area to the right of the door.  He could picture after a little work it would be a nice little shop.

Cases of alcohol were on their way, now he would need to hire a couple workers to clean the place up and install shelves.

Turning he returned to his car parked just behind him, and opened the trunk.  Inside were three locked ammo boxes.  Damion took them inside and secured them behind the bar on a lower self.  

Once they were secure he opened each making sure the contents were not damaged in Transport.  One held a white liquid, with a bluish tint.  The lid of the box was labeled Succubus Kiss.  The second contained a deep red liquid, bordering on black.  It was labeled Dante’s Vision.

The third was labeled Clones Only, and smaller than the other two.  It held vials instead of bottles.  The liquid inside was a clear Purple.

“Things will never be the same.”  Damion chuckled to himself.


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((Oh dear 0.0

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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