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The Murder - Some Pieces Fall Into Place

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Constable Alana headed back towards the constabulary, mentally preparing her report on the conversation she had just finished with young Evan Stanton. She would copy her notes and the boy’s statement up to date over a coffee then place the report on The Chief’s desk. Then.. then she would probably head home for some well earned sleep.

This in mind, Alana trudged along deep in her thoughts as the evening deepened.


Her curiosity was piqued however as she drew level with the clinic, and the bright lights within. It was late, well past closing time but she could see several figures moving inside, even the implacable LB ‘watch’ had turned and were peering into a window, well, at least until they saw Constable Alana whereupon they quickly resumed their ‘stoical sentry’ stance.


Alana pushed the clinic door open and edged inside. She could hear the voices, most of which were familiar, coming from the treatment room. There was Mayor Troy, Doctor Troy, Chief Shadow and one other, a well dressed young woman whom Alana was not familiar with. The murmurings died down as Alana’s presence was noticed. She glanced at her boss, then at the others. Shadow nodded, acknowledging Alana’s appearance, and giving her leave to approach.


The group were standing around the examination table. Doctor Troy had just placed down a polished wooden box onto the table, it that had seen better days.

Hyle looked up at her excited, angry? It was difficult to tell, daughter and waited patiently for an explanation.

Tukiko turned the box around and opened the lid to show her mother the inside. What lay on the faded and stained velvet were a plethora of different sized knives, several pairs of forceps and one or two things Hyle couldn’t even guess the purpose of. However, the rather large and business-like looking saw suggested possible uses that had the hairs on her arms standing to attention.

This is an amputation kit.” Tuki explained.

That little bit of knowledge only succeeded in adding a tingling, skin-crawling sensation to Hyle’s raised hackles. She managed to keep the smile.


She followed Tuki’s finger as it traced along the empty slot where it was now obvious that a knife, the largest knife, was missing from the set. Suddenly, any distaste Hyle was feeling about having what was obviously a well-used surgical kit plonked down on her desk evaporated and was replaced by a pit of dreadful realization as it became obvious what Tuki was suggesting. She looked up into her daughter’s face and understood the distress tinged anger she saw there.

The murder weapon?”

Tuki was nodding.

I’m ninty-nine percent certain, yes.”

Chief Shadow leaned in closer, taking a very close look, but not touching the various contents and particularly the vacant slot where the large knife should have been. Then, he tapped the tabletop next to the other object on display. A stethoscope.

And Evan Stanton had this?”

Hyle nodded. The young girl next to Hyle described to Shadow how Evan had secreted the stethoscope into Magrats coffin.

Shadow stood up and folded his arms across his chest, one hand stroking his thick black beard.

Chief?” Alana spoke. “I just came from talking to Evan Stanton.”


Alana paused, then described her conversation with the Stanton boy, including her misgivings and the omissions in what she had been told.

Shadow mulled over what he had heard for a good while, then drew breath to speak, clearly bristling as several jigsaw pieces fell onto place. Hyle watched carefully, looking for and finding the anger that often bubbled below Shadows surface.

Right ! Alana, get some constables together and meet me at the Stanton place in ten minutes. We’re going to have to search the house, find out how the Stanton kid got his hands on this stethoscope, and anything else we can …”


It was Hyle who spoke, she had broken the hold the grizzly contents of the Amputation Kit Box had held over her.

We will fetch Arch Stanton first, he’ll be at work still. We will let him know what we have to do first. Or did you forget that there is a small baby and two boys in the house alone? We can not just barge into the house just like that, unannounced. This is not a police state. Once Mr. Stanton is there, then we can proceed.”

Hyle looked at the faces all now turned to her.

And Tuki, would you be so kind as to ask Maisie to be on hand, because of the baby.”

Tuki nodded.

Having said her piece Hyle stepped back and gave the floor back to her Chief Constable. She could not tell if the look on his face was because she had overstepped her mark by telling him in front of the others how she preferred to proceed. Hyle flashed back a blue stare in defiance anyway. Whether this would calm or anger him, she did not care. This was how she wanted things to happen.

Chief Constable Shadow resumed.

Ok, Alana. Get Constable Hill to meet me here right away, we need three more pairs of boots at least. THEN go and find Arch Stanton, make sure he comes straight here. Then we will proceed.”

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