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A Moment of Metamorphosis Madness

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As Veronica Volt one morning after troublesome dreams awoke, she found herself transformed into a giant purple insect.

She was laying on her back but when she tried to sit up, she found she could not. She lifted her head a little and saw a long purple body. She had no arms, but saw two feet sticking out of the end of the purple body, or were they hands? They must be feet, for insects have no hands.

'What is happened to me?' she asked herself. She was in her corner of the storeroom, in the New Flagstaff Mutagenics lab. She slept many times there before, but never to awake finding herself as an insect. Did she reclone during the night? But why to become an insect? Was there a bug in the system? Was this the same storeroom where she rents the corner? She lifted her head again, and her eyes looked around. The other corners were full of items belonging to Luka, boxes, old furniture, bottles for shampoo experiments. Dust danced in a beam of light from a window. Yes, it was the same storeroom. This was not good, very inconvenient. She was to meet a man near the Vaults who wanted a Tech to repair something. Could she still meet him? Could she somehow go the vaults?

There was a knock on the door and a faint smell of freshly washed hair.

'Veronica? Veronica? Are you awake?' It was Luka. 'Remember the repair job arranged for you. You told me to check you are awake, you are to meet someone about the repair. Are you awake?'

Veronica looked to the door with eyes wide. He must not enter, she thought with worry. How can she explain why she is now an insect? Can insects pay rent? Do insects have corners?
'Yes, errr thank you. Yes, awake, very awake.'
'Hmm..okay, well, you need to get ready, you are late,' Luka responded.
'Thank you, yes, i was not feeling well.'

Footsteps was heard moving away from the door and then down the staircase. Veronica breathed deep and tried to calm. She must move, must get ready to meet the man at the Vaults. She tried to turn over. It was not easy, actually it seem impossible. She tried again, but still she remained on her back. She needed momentum, she rolled left, then right, then left, then right again, then left again, then right again and then with all her strength rolled left and flipped over. Something fell over and banged on the floor. 'Everything okay up there?' Luka called. She said nothing, there was a moment of silence, then she heard sound of cups and spoons from below. She was safe.

She tried to move. It was not easy. She pushed with the feet and tried to turn around. This was more difficult than backward parking her buggy. She began to turn and then hit her head on the wall. She tried the other direction and was able to turn to the door. Footsteps again. Luka was returning! She looked around with urgency. Boxes, boxes, a table! A low table. She pushed with the feet and crawled to the table and under it. It was dark under there. Would he see her?

There was a knock on the door. 'I made you a hot drink, the horrible leaves in water drink you like,' Luka said from the other side of the door. 'Is it okay to enter?'
Veronica said nothing and remained under the table. A few seconds of silence, then the door slowly opened. A hand put a cup on the floor, just inside the room. 'Everything okay?' Luka asked. Veronica did not reply. Luka peered inside the room and looked around. 'Veronica?' he asked. Nothing. He looked to the table. Was there something under there? No. Probably just darkness making the imagination see things. Nothing. He closed the door and returned down the staircase.

Under the table Veronica breathed deep. Inside her insect body, her heart was beating fast. It felt safe under the table, dark, protected. Dusty but safe. She decided to stay there for a few minutes and think. What to do? To be an insect is a big change. How will her friends react? Can she still go to Hyles party in Hope Springs? Can insects dance? What will they say when a purple insect arrives? Can insects drive a buggy? A bike? Will Sharky make her cheesy biscuits? Or will he give her... what do insects eat? Will Reavy try to squash her? So many questions.

She was thirsty. She looked to where the cup was. Slowly she crawled from under the table toward the cup. How would she drink? To lift the cup was impossible. She crawled closer and moved her mouth to the cup. Purple fell over her eyes. on no! she thought. Feelers, she had feelers because she is an insect now. Many feelers. Viele Feelers! She lowered her head and tried to drink. The cup was knocked over, the liquid spilled across the floor. Insect life is difficult.

She heard voices below. Lukas voice, then another. It was the man she was to meet at the Vaults. 'I waited for twenty minutes,' he said. 'I am busy, my time is important.'
'Yeah, my time is important also,' Luka replied before sighing. 'She said she did not feel well. I will tell her-'
'Do not bother!' the other voice said. There was the sound of a door slam.

The day was not going well, Veronica thought to herself. She must get help, go see the Medic. She can crawl to the Medic, but what of the roads? What if vehicles do not see her? She knew chickens have many problems crossing the roads, but insects will have more she guessed. She had to find help, she must go below and look for help. She must leave the storeroom.

The door was closed.

She tried to lift the feet but the purple body did not allow. Perhaps crawling up the door? It was slow and difficult but with much effort she was able to crawl up the door a little, her head by the handle. She opened her mouth and gripped the handle with teeth. It was difficult. How do dogs do it? Perhaps sticks are easier than handles. How many dogs had she seen opening doors? None. Only playing cardgames, in a painting. Slow and careful. Slow and careful and.... it was opening! it was opening! Veronica suddenly fell to the floor. Her chin made a little thump sound. Not so careful she thought.

She crawled out of the storeroom and around the corner to the top of the staircase. The Luka "security wall", the old turned over sofa, stood like some monstrous wall dividing a city. Security to Luka, a pain in the access for Veronica. She had enough trouble crossing it when she had legs and arms, now to crawl over it will be very difficult. Hopefully not impossible.

It was not impossible, but almost. It took many attempt to even begin. Eventually she was on top of the "security wall" sofa and ready to climb over and down the stairs. Slow and careful she thought, slow and... on no... she felt herself slipping... thump! thump! thump! thump! thump! thump!

'Arghhh' groaned Veronica. Luka stood at the bottom of the staircase looking down at her. 'What are you doing?' he asked confused and perhaps a little amused.
'I am an insect!' Veronica groaned. 'I awoke as an insect. I need a Medic!'
Luka looked at the purple insect who had fallen down the staircase and shook his head. He lowered and picked up the purple bundle, brushed the tufts of purple hairs from her eyes and carried her up the stairs, jumped over the security wall with great skill, and returned her to the storeroom corner.

'You are no insect,' he said, 'just completely tangled in your blanket. You probably had a bad dream.'
He pulled the blanket and turned away as a Veronica rolled out confused, embarrassed and relieved all together.

Luka walked to the door, stopping at the low table. He picked up a book from the table and looked at the cover and tried to read the title 'Franz Kafka, Die Verwandlung? What the....' He dropped the book back on the table and said 'You need to stop reading this stuff before you sleep.' Without turning he walked out the room.


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"She pushed with the feet and tried to turn around. This was more difficult than backward parking her buggy. "

Having witnessed VV trying to back up her buggy, there are few other phrases that so vividly convey the sheer frustration level of observing such a horrifying situation and not being able to do anything about it  Tongue Out

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((Thank you V. You've got my day off to a nice start :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Viele feelers....  I love Vee's little Kafkaesque world...    xx

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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