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Midnight Cravings

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I awoke to the eairy sound of Blight wolves to the far west, there howls chilling the very fiber of my being. It's been a week now since i left the cloner- still getting used to that by the way- I've been Drifting from spot to spot for some sense of normalcy, if that word even means anything these days, See i;ve been having these odd flashes-Cravings might be a better word, of bodies, all dead surrounding me in a giant ring of fire and ash, the musk of blood engulfs- except it feels...Good..almost soothing...Yes..that's the word..the fear in there eyes as they run screaming in a disparate attempt to flee- fibeel really- i stalk the night, prowling from town to town, looking for whatever unlucky soul heads my path..the lovely sound of bones snapping like twigs, the hot crimson nectar that pours out as i pounce upon there necks- its almost sexual...Hmmm...Excuse me..i believe i;ll this writing as made me abit famished....haahhahaha!


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((Villainy in the wastelands! All I can say is .. GOOD :D

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