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Memories of Lori Part 5: No Horsing Around

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                                                       06:30 May 12th 2144



There was no sign of the CHOTA as he made his way down the stairs. He cast a glance up the hill

towards the main lodge and grumbled at the things racing through his mind -- the weight of his pack

paled in comparison. The stables lay just beyond the main entrance and were swarming with activity

as the first of the days deliveries were being packed up and readied. A familiar accent barking orders

caught his attention and he spotted Lori looking smug with herself next to Old Grimm, the horse trainer

and serial embellisher.

   'Ah, Guten Morgen, Herr Striker. Again. Lori won your little race I am afraid.'

Lori made an L shape with her fingers, leaning in to emphasise her victory. Grimm gestured at two bay

Arabian mares behind him, all saddled up and ready to go.

   'I took ze liberty of readying Fluss and Choco for you, zey are very eager to get out und about zis morning.

   Told me so zemselves, you know.' The old man said, grinning excitedly.

Striker sighed, gave Grimm an apologetic look and Lori an annoyed one.

   'We're not taking the horses today. Lori might've told you but she ran off before I could say anything.'

Pouting, Lori protested.

   'Aww! I wanna take the horsies out! And you heard the old man, they're all excited and stuff now. Please, please, please?'

   'Not a chance,' he replied, putting his foot down, 'what we're doing is far too dangerous.'

Lori sulked against the fence of the paddock, Grimm didn't much seem to care, and Striker was trying

to rub the weariness from his eyes.

   'Have you not been to bed yet, mein Freund? You only came back from ze last patrol a few hours ago.'

A piercing gaze of Striker's tired, grey eyes caused a now-smirking Lori to turn around and watch the other horses.

   'Duty calls. Sorry about the horses, Gustav.'

   'Oh don't you worry about zat, Fluss is still so young she could use a little more work. Go on now, I've kept you long enough, ja?

   You vill have to tell me all about zis secret mission vhen you get back.'

   'Oh for fuck sake, Lori...'

She started whistling innocently, attracting Choco to her in the process. Grimm gave a light chuckle before a Rider

dropped a crate and drew him away in a storm of anger.

   'Come on, you. We have a bit of a trek ahead of us.'




The midday sun filtered through the canopy of the forest. The pair had made good time on their destination; Striker was digging

deep to march at pace, Lori was in good shape but starting to lag behind.

   'I'm hungry.' She moaned.

   'A few more miles and we'll set up camp.'

She dramatically held her hand against her forehead, feigning for attention.

   'Oh I don't think I can manage another step.'

Striker ignored her, marking reference points on his map.

   'Oi! Didn't you hear me you grumpy old-'

Her protests were silenced by a granola bar to the face. It took her a while to process what happened, giving Striker a head-start

as he jogged off into the distance, laughing. She scowled at the missile, grabbed it and took off after him with determination; youth

and a full night's sleep closed the distance.

   'I'd rather die than eat this, it's probably older than you, Mister. If that's even possible.'

   'Hang on to it all the same. Never know when you might change your mind.'

   'I'm gonna fill your socks with it.'

   'We both know you wouldn't dare go near my socks after the distance we've walked.'

Lori frowned, defeated, and tucked the bar away into her jacket pocket before slamming face-first into a suddenly stationary

Striker's pack. He looked at his map one more time, double-checked the surroundings and gave a firm nod.

   'Good place for a camp, eh Lori? Lori?'


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((This is getting intriguing :)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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