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A Meeting of Minds, part 2

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A punishment?!”


Reavy pushed herself away from the bench.


Nah, not really. If she wanted to punish me she'd probably just stop cooking so I'd be stuck with wasteland fast-foods and MRE's again. And I can tell you, today's MRE's are garbage compared to pre-fall stuff. But I did get the feeling was gonna break my legs on those high heels. So unpractical compared to boots."


MRE’s?” Ytte looked puzzled. Reavy turned and picked up a couple of foil packs from the bench and showed Ytte over her shoulder without turning around. Ytte could read the legend: Meal (1) Ready To Eat.


Ytte unpnodded to Reavy’s back. She felt a little frustrated, each time she sniped a question at Reavy it seemed to bounce off her. She recalled the dreamy way which Hyle spoke of Reavy. It was clear to see how Hyle felt. But with Reavy, any attempt to discover how Reavy felt about Hyle simply bounced off her armour and the conversation returned to military matters. Was she being evasive or was she just such conditioned machine that she had no feelings?


"But she would not expect you to wear high heels while on manoeuvers, obviously. Do you not think she is merely trying to make you feel happy with her, more relaxed, feminine?"


Ytte watched, Reavy put the MRE packs down slowly and turned her head.


"I think she is trying to make me more relaxed... to show me there's more to life than what I do. But it is not easy.”


Reavy paused, turning around fully to face Ytte, her expression getting more serious.


"I don't think anyone besides purpose built clones can understand it. Person you see before yourself is work of great many people, both enemies and friends. Most of them just trying to make me more human. Now Hyle is trying to show me how to be a woman. Before that, there was only a weapon. I was meant to follow orders and make decisions based on logic in case chain of command breaks. Fight when there is war and guard during peace. Had no idea how to live though... and I guess I still don't."

Ytte thought for a tiny moment she could see the woman inside Reavy, but Reavy closed down the chink in her armour just as rapidly. Ytte decided to relate more about herself and the effect being in the army had had on her.


"I can absolutely understand that, I was brought up a soldiers' child. My father insisted on cold discipline in our house and I can not remember any other way. Always trying constantly to please my father, He kept his feelings to himself, behind his uniform. I became the same. An officer can not show emotions, I found that so difficult, being a woman in a man's world, but I learned to do so, to survive, to succeed. I learned to shut down my emotions."

Ytte smiled thinly. "I spurned any hopeful suitor, quickly and coldly, more from necessity than anything else."

Reavy, back on familiar ground, nodded.

It is similar. Though quite different also.” She replied. “When you are created instead of born, you do not think about these things. Don't think about your life, about others. You just do what you're supposed to do and when you run out of things to do you await new orders and maintain your equipment. There's nothing else in your mind. Only feeling there is at that point is that of satisfaction.. that you fulfil your purpose. It's when you spend a long time without maintenance, like a personality wipe? Like when you end up going through extreme situations that your designers did not account for. Then the emotions, and all those human things start to creep in your mind."

Ytte looked closely at Reavy. This was a true military machine. She had known of some soldiers who had been trained so completely they fought like automata. But they had been ordinary men drilled to unswerving obedience. Reavy was the opposite, she had been created as the perfect soldier. What was it that Hyle was trying to set free? Ytte decided on one more tilt.


I can tell Hyle loves you deeply, it is quite obvious when she talks about you, I find that warming. She is ambitious, knows what she wants and it seems she can usually achieve her aims. Yet at the same time Her heart is wide open. she is unafraid of her emotions. You can only respect that, don't you agree?"

Reavy thought for a moment.

"I don't know. That's not how I think of it. A lot of this stuff simply doesn't go through my head. But, the way she does things, how she goes through life, she starts up chemical reaction that results in all those feelings associated with love. That's good enough for me."

"She loves you deeply, do you feel the same about her?"

Reavy nodded.

"I think so, yea. Though I find feelings hard to describe or name. Asking me about feelings is like asking a random wastelander about effective range of Rh-202 cannon."

Ytte smiled back at Reavy. She conceded she had asked enough personal questions for the day and so was content to discuss only military matters for the rest of her time with Reavy.

When evening came, Reavy’s mind was full of Hyle, she felt strongly the need to spend the rest of the evening night with her.

They sat on the floor by the fire, Reavy was telling Hyle about her meeting Ytte.


"Interesting friend you got visiting. She asks a lot of questions. Think I'll give her one of my M4 Carbines.”

Hyle chuckled. “She must have impressed you then.”

Where did you find her anyways?" Reavy asked curiously.

Ohh, I seem to remember seeing her a while ago, looking like a nøddeknækker in her uniform. But she seems to have pulled the carrot out of her arse a little since then.”

Hyle bumshuffled forwards and hung her arms around Reavy, grinning coyly.

Anyway, you would give her one of your prized M4’s? You will make me jealous”

Hyle’s eyes locked onto Reavy’s. Reavy knew what Hyle was thinking. Reavy smiled and helped Hyle out of her shirt …..





Soft candle light and soft words.


They heard the key rattle in the front door. Tuki’s voice shrilled from the hall

Mom! I have to go on an emergency house call, a road collision.. can I leave baby with you, Tai is bu……….”


Tuki’s eyes widened in shock as she came to the lounge.



MOTHER !!” Tuki spun around and continued the conversation, arms folded, looking at the ceiling.


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((Nice insight into the Reavybot... erm, I mean Reavy. No wait, let me think about that. *Spends several seconds considering* Meh, tomatoes tomatoes. Anyway, nice insight into her psyche. Lol'd at the ending :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((I am liking this about two of my favorite peoples, and a bit jealous at the same time.  Tongue Out Particularly like the pictures you have come up for them.

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