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((I wanted to write for so long. But I'm struggling to find my mojo. So I hope you will allow me to share this story with you that takes place in another game. For those of you who recognize which game, I still hope you will enjoy the story.))


Ryley Robinson were sleeping. 

Or was he awake. He couldn't tell. 

Breathing was hard, it felt like he was suffocating. He opened his eyes, struggling to see. His mind couldn't make sense of his surroundings. 

He couldn't breathe. 

Half in and half out of sleep, his mind conjured up an image of him running. Something terrible had happened. 

He coughed, struggled for air. 

Dread hammered in his head. Something terrible and irreversible had happened. 

Something was burning. It didn't smell good. Not like wood on a fire. It smelled like artificial products burning. 


He saw see smoke. He suddenly understood why he couldn't make sense of what he was seeing. He was trying to look through thick smoke. Which was also why he couldn't breathe. 

He suddenly felt warm. Especially around his feet and lower legs. 

Another cough. 

His mind snapped awake, alert. 

He was sitting down, a safety bar lowered down over his torso. Holding him in place. 

Next to him there was a ladder and beyond the ladder, a fire had broken out. 

There was smoke everywhere. 

Adrenaline surged his body. He tried to stand, but the safety bar held him in place. 

There was so much smoke. 

He couldn't breathe. His lungs struggled, sending another cough through his body. 

Frantically, he pushed the release button for the bar, but nothing happened. 

He pushed it again, harder. 

Still nothing. 

He slammed his fist down on the button. Finally, the bar was released. 

He pushed it up and over his head, and fell hard to the floor. Coughing, struggling for air. 

Through the smoke he saw the fire extinguisher. It was laying on the floor right in front of him. He couldn't believe his luck. 

He snatched it up, getting to his feet. 

Another cough. 

He released the pin and aimed the extinguisher at the fire. One arm covering his face and mouth as he let the powder fly through the air, choking the fire. 

He stepped around the ladder, putting out the last of the fire. He didn't waste another second before he grabbed the hot metal of the ladder, ignoring the pain in his hands as he made his way up. Out of the pod, desperate for air. 


The hatch opened with a sucking sound. The outside atmosphere mixing with his. 

He gulped in the air, filling up his lungs. He coughed, his body trying to get rid of all the sod and smoke. 

He stood there on top of the ladder, trying to stifle the constant coughing. 

He realized he was clinging to the ladder and slowly release his grip. His hands were burning red from heat of the hot ladder. He climbed all the way up, outside. 


He couldn't quite understand what he was seeing. A blue sky was above him and below him there was beautiful blue water. 

Where the hell was he? One thing was certain, he was no longer in space. 

Slowly he turned, taking in his new surroundings. 

Right in front of him, a large spaceship laid burning on top of the water. Smoke and fire covering the side of the ship. 

He recognized it. 

It was the Aurora. 

The spacecraft that had taken him far across space.




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((Nope, don't have a clue which game :D But it's great to see you writing again.

I use postimage to post images... always use the 'direct link' url. hope that helps.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((Thank you:-) Feels good to write.

There are going to be spoilers. So read at your own risk. That is if I can keep it up this time ;-)

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