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Make me numb suzi lightning

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6:24 PM“To find peace in the presence of the faultless is the desire of the one who seeks excellence; and is not nothingness a form of perfection?” THOMAS Mann https://youtu.be/QV9QleO9Eqc
― from "Death in V... painting 5/6/2016.../heyPosse?/ Insane...  6:20 PM 5/7/2016 come too , dave, all the fuck numbers OM OM and clarrissa''I, , know  nothing , notheredave, dave , u cant }LoL. uFOOL you t00 to likes...... o?2remember,Posse?'' clarrissa whispered {  [oc me] hey .out mana~Beautifully hey hey psuedo lLife  in fe. Me Winks in the direction OM heyPosse? ur need Broken~blooming eyes... field Iradate-dialate me  fly  with sex spin ole  bloom hey  u beilieve me ? singin a massacrewith FUCK!  RADIANTw/ NOTH ,NOWHERE "  TObe_DEAD..   BUT U  so much..So, uknow once ustart u cant stEp in near_here.........painting as Dave saw it     more following me,mmmm Clarrissal Loco noco , OH NO, her eyes he sees.......Gaze down flash incinerated noth  come here dave...  ur lover . PRAY iLONAH light  RADIANTbut chained beautifully its alreadyFLASHING?  we fuck the light out of u tossed out back into the light uLLbe alive the truth of lies ......... THE iron black         its already FLASHING  black I , ice EYES OF JAKHALS RADIANT posse . iis back !..........nUMBnuts again  substania nero neon niagra WUZZ certainly back   nigger      https://youtu.be/Lw1IwfCaKOE     https://youtu.be/4MtASEKqH_8  https://youtu.be/4MtASEKqH_8   https://Olivia Rose© - Spirited AwayyDani Olivier 9its too pretty not to pin :/:Jana Brike© - Self Portrait as L'Origine du Mondeoutu.be/tF94B1793775CFAAEBF723347EA0DC964B5D5FF19APneGq5sswhttps://youtu.be/DED812HKWyM

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