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Love, Hope, Joy, And a Sunday Morning

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I love Sunday morning. Joe’s day off and he gets to look after Anni...”


Slija stretched like cat on a warm windowsill.


I love the whole Saturday night, Sunday morning thing… With you.” Uwe said softly, gazing across the bed at her.




You know, a night out at The Waffelhus. Dancing with you. Few drinks, back here…”


Silja smiled up at him, reaching to push a stray lock of hair from Uwe’s face.


He laughed softly. “Mind you, that Hyle is something Hmm? I wish I could drink what she spills!”


You don’t drink anyway.”


Yeah I know, but huyy. It’s hard to believe she is actually a Mayor when you see her partying like that.”


Silja snorted. “But she is. They say she can be a real slave driver at work. I can believe it too.” She laughed softly. “She used to make Tuki work hard all the time as I remember.”


Better not tell Meike then. Did you know she got a job teaching at the new school in Hope?”


She did !?! Wow!”


Uwe nodded sagely.


Wow,” Silja repeated softly, then settled back onto the bed. Uwe dragged himself alongside her and propped his head on his hand


For a while they just looked at each other, loosing each other in their eyes and thoughts, watching the morning sun painting shadows on each others nakedness.


Uwe drew a deep breath and let it out slowly into a smiling sigh.


Can you remember that song they played?”


There were lots of songs.”


The one they played in the chill-out part, you remember it don’t you? The guy sang ‘I held your hand’ and you squeezed mine when the guitar came in.”


Oh yeah...” Silja breathed. “I felt a rush of emotion, it was really warming.”


I remembered the words…”


You did?”


Uwe nodded. “Well some of them. They seem apt now. Right now, I mean.”


Silja raised her head slightly. Meeting his eyes, “Tell me...”


Uwe leaned close. Reciting the lyric softly almost onto her lips. His eyes never leaving hers.




And when I awoke and felt you warm and near
I kissed your honey hair with my grateful tears
Oh, I love you, girl
Oh, I love you “



Then there was silence, stretching out into long seconds. Silja’s eyes filled. Her whisper shook with emotion.


I love you too, Uwe”

one morning

(the song mentioned is Simon & Garfunkle - For Emily (wherever I may find her.)




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((Awwwwww sweet. I've just realisd, if things keep going the way they seem to be then we'll soon be writing stories about our characters various offspring... 0.0

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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