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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 7

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On the top of a small hill near the town of Spider Hill, but far away from the spider nests, a group of pale faced people stood in circle around a fresh grave. Light rain fell from the cloudy sky and from the pale faces, the eyes cried eyeliner. For some the hands were raised to brows, for others they waved in front of them and gripped air with grief. A few sobbed silently on anothers shoulders. All were brought together in silent sorrow, grief displayed with gesture and expression. Every movement clearly made with a wave of the hand, a turn of the arm, a lowering of the head. Within their art was pain. They had lost their leader, their friend. Nearby Veronica, Susan, Charlie and Luke stood quietly. Luke went to ask Veronica a question but she placed a finger to her lips instructing Luke to remain silent.

On the grave was the top hat and to this Veronica walked and placed purple flowers. One of the pale faced creatures removed his beret, placed a hand over the heart and bowed to Veronica. As Susan and the others came forward to join Veronica, the circle of pale faces stepped forward and each one hugged them.

Finally, the strange people stood together in a line, waved to Veronica and her friends before they turned around and walked silently away. After they were gone, Veronica and the others turned and walked back to Spider Hill. Nobody spoke in the rain.


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((*Is sad.*

Wonderful story V.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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