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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 6

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Veronica open the door a little, looked out and then shut it again.

'There is one on the other side of the door,' she whispered to Susan who stood behind her with the others.

'What do they want?' Susan whispered back.

'I do not know,' Veronica whispered a reply.

'Why are you whispering?' Charlie asked loudly.

'Sssshhh!' Veronica and Susan both said.

Veronica opened the door. A woman with a very pale face stood outside. She was wearing a striped top and beret like the others. She raised a hand and waved.

Veronica, unsure what to do, waved back and smiled. 'What to do?' she said between her teeth to the others behind her.

'Take us to your leader,' Charlie called out.

The pale face woman looked at Veronica and the others a moment, smiled and then turned and began to walk away. After two steps she stopped and turned, waved a hand to Veronica to follow, and then continued away.

Veronica followed, Susan and the others followed Veronica.

A short distance from the building stood a man, not moving, still like a statue. His face was looking to the ground. His top was a little more striped than the others, but on his head was no beret but a top hat. To him were led Veronica, Susan, Charlie and Luke. As they stood in front of him, the other pale faced creatures walked and stood behind the man.

The man began to move. Gracefully he bowed, and then he lifted his head and looked at Veronica and her friends.

'We are... i am.... Ver- Veronica and this is...' Veronica , but she stopped as she noticed the man open his mouth. He took a deep breathe, ready to speak.

Suddenly a large spider, who silently had approached, grabbed the man. His hat rolled across the ground. Without a sound, the man struggled with the spider, who sank poison fangs into him. Veronica caught glimpse of a pale face of pain and surprise. The creatures around them waved hands in horror.

A gun shot broke the silence and the spider fell dead. A gun in the hand of Charlie shook a little.

It was too late. The man lay still. Still like a fallen statue.

Nobody said anything.


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((*Tries to think of something smart to say... but just wants to know what happens next.*

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Charlie should have used a silencer....  out of respect

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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