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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 5

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'They have surrounded the building!' Veronica exclaimed when Susan ran down the staircase. Susan ran to a window and looked out. Outside, two of the strange pale face creatures were waving hands in the air. One seem to be feeling for rain and then opened its Umbrella, invisible of course. The other began to dance, one hand holding down on its beret.

Suddenly the door began to open. Veronica and Susan and Luke all ran to it and quickly closed and stood against it. 'Quick Charlie,' Susan called. 'Move that table to the door.' Charlie did as was told to him, and began pushing a heavy table to against the door. Luke helped. 'Damn aliens,' Charlie muttered before urging Luke to push harder. 'Use some force Luke, use some force.'

Suddenly a sound was heard, something against the building. They all ran up the staircase and into the Radio Station control room. Outside the window was one of the creatures, up a ladder it had climbed and was moving a hand in circles as if cleaning the window, but without a cloth and without touching the glass.

'What is it doing?' Luke asked nervously.

'Perhaps it is trying to communicate,' Veronica said.

Veronica, Susan, Charlie and Luke all stood watching a few seconds, then all raise a hand and began to move it in the same circles. The creature stopped moving its hand, and made a strange surprise face, then began to laugh but without any sound.

'What is it trying to tell us?' Susan asked. Nobody answered.

The creature stopped the silent laughing and then put a hand to its ear as if trying to listen. It remained listening for a few seconds and then disappeared as it climbed down the ladder. Veronica ran to the window and looked out.

'What is happening?' Susan asked behind her.

'They are grouping together,' Veronica said. Near to the door. Susan looked over Veronica shoulder and saw the crowd of pale faced, beret and striped top clothed creatures standing near the door to the building. More moved to the crowd until all of them stood there, without moving. All of them still. Except one.

One of the creatures walked forward toward the door.

From down the staircase came the sound of a loud knocking. Knocking at the door. Veronica glanced at Susan, Charlie and Luke who all looked back at her. The knocking sound repeated.

'Do we...' Veronica hesitated.

'Open the door?' Susan added.

The loud knocking on the door below was heard again.


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((Rule number two of Hollywood horror movies, (we all know rule number one is to split up the party) but rule number two is to always open the door. BTW, rule two(a) is that the one who opens the door has to then turn around to the party and say "See, I told you they were harmless".

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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