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A Lot of Hand Waving - Part 3

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'Can you hear anything?' Susan Grindel, one of the radio station main broadcasters, asked.

'No,' Veronica said listening to the door. 'Nothing.'

'Perhaps they have gone,' Susan said.

'Only is one way to be sure,' Veronica responded. She opened the door. A pale face with a beret stared back, Veronica gasped and quickly shut the door. 'No, still there.'

'Let us look from above,' Susan said. Veronica followed her up the staircase.

From a room above, Veronica looked out of the window to the ground below. 'Do you see more of them?' Susan asked from behind her.

'I see one,' Veronica replied. 'There is one listening, or.... no listening. The hand is up to the ear. She seems to be trying to hear something.'

'Trying to get the signal from the mothership,' came a voice further back in the room belong to Charlie Brie the engineer.

'They are not aliens Charlie,' Susan said, and had said many times before. 'At least i think not. Do you think they are aliens Sam?'

Everyone turned to Samuel Dale, also a broadcaster, although not known for conversation. Everyone waited for his answer. And waited.

'No,' he said.

Veronica turned back to the window. 'Oh I see another!'

'Where?' Susan asked also peering out of the window.

'Over the other side of the street. See? Playing a, ummm... some music instrument, one of the things you blow into.'

'I see no instrument,' Susan remarked.

'Yes, that is what is strange,' Veronica said puzzled.

'Are they zombieclones?' Susan asked.

'I do not know,' Veronica responded. 'They look sick, so pale, and they do not seem able to talk.'

'They probably read minds,' Charlie said. 'Someone should go out there, investigate.'

'You?' Susan asked Charlie.

'No, they know all about me. Probed me before,' he replied.

'Who then?' Veronica asked.

Suddenly Luke, the helper and want-to-be broadcaster entered the room with a fork and plate of Spider Niblets. Everyone looked at him.

'What?' he asked. 'Why are you all looking at me?'


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((Lol, I love a volunteer, especially when they don't know they've volunteered.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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