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A Lot of Hand Waving

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Veronica stopped the buggy, jumped out and began to walk towards the building containing the Spider Hill Radio control room. Her eyes danced left and right to the ground so to avoid meeting anything with eight legs when suddenly she bumped into someone. She looked up. It was a man wearing a striped white and red top and a red beret.

'Oh... I am sorry. I did not-' Veronica began but her words were lost with surprise when the man looked at her with a face very pale. Was he sick? Was he one of the pale ones she heard about? Veronica jumped back, with shock. Strangely the man did the same. After a few seconds Veronica stepped forward and took a closer look and again the man did the same actions. Veronica looked puzzled. The strange pale faced man looked puzzled but then he smiled and placed his hands on his chest.

'Are you okay?' Veronica asked. 'You do not look well. Do you need a Medic?'

The man looked puzzled but then put a hand in the air as if a good idea had arrived to his mind. He put his other hand behind his back and immediately pulled it back holding a flower.

Veronica jumped back again afraid of what the man was to do. The man looked at her then made a face as if crying and moved his hands back to his heart. Veronica ran to the radio control room building.

Near the door was another man wearing a striped top and a beret on his head. His face was also pale and the eyes closed, standing absolutely still. Was this man also sick? Was he alive? No movement. Nothing. Veronica stepped closer to look for sign of breathing. Suddenly the eyes opened and the man put his hands in the air, palms forwards, and made a face of surprise. Veronica screamed and rushed inside the building.

People are strange, someone once said in the radio songs, but the people outside were stranger.


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Thank you to Sharkdog for the title of this post.

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*Decides these individuals belong to the mysterious 7th faction*  Must be why they show as white on the radar.

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They are not a problem,they can not pass the glass wall ;D

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((Run V.V. Run! Whatever you do don't let them put you in the box!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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