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Lost at Shore - Part 4

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It was amazing, so real it was real, even sails. The ship was large enough for the three men but small enough to hide behind the hill. What was even stranger were the four big wheels attached. Veronica looked closer and noticed the ship was on a wooden frame on wheels.

'Our ship!' Stormy said. 'The problem is we have no water to sail on,' Stormy added moving his hand around the land around them.

'You built this?' Veronica asked amazed.

'Yes,' Jim said. 'If only we can sail. Imagine! Us on the water! Jim Hawkins back on the sea!'

There it was again, the name. Something familiar.

'Do not forget me!' Stormy added, 'and Ishy'

'Call me Ishmael!' Ishmael requested.

And again. Something familiar.

'You are taking this with you?' Veronica asked.

'If we tie a rope, we can pull,' Stormy said.

*     *     *

Back at the hut, Veronica was emptying her Buggy luggage space for the Sailor chest. She passed items to Jim to move to the seat area. Wires, soda can, boot.

Jim examined the boot. 'Is this yours?' he asked.

'No, it belongs to a friend Das.' Veronica explained. 'I am to repair it.'

'Oh,' Jim said putting the boot on the buggy floor near the seat. 'So it is a Das Boot.'

Soon the luggage space was empty and Stormy and Ishmael brought the chest and slide it into the space.

'All packed and ready to go!' Jim said excited.

*     *     *

Veronica drove the buggy and kept checking the new compass to find their direction. Behind her the three sailors pulled the rope and the ship on wheels moved behind them, sometime with a wobble, sometime with a wibble, but the wind, which also seemed to be pointing the way, filled the sails and helped to move the ship.

The sailors sang as they pulled.

Come all ye young fellows that follows the sea
    To me, way hey, blow the man down
Now please pay attention and listen to me
    Give me some time to blow the man down

The voyage was long, and later the dark clouds filled the sky and rain fell heavy. The sailors continued to pull the rope and sing, their voices louder now as the wind howled. There was something ahead of them. Veronica half closed eyes to focus through the rain. She stopped the buggy and shouted and waved arms to the sailors. The singing faded and they stopped.

'What is that?' Veronica said pointing ahead. 'Look, over there!'

The sailor dropped the rope and all looked with half closed eyes through the pouring rain. No voice spoke for a few seconds before Jim shouted 'Ahoy! Ship Ahoy!'

Suddenly the sailors started running forwards. Veronica started the buggy and drove following the running men. As they approached the cloning bunker a man dressed in a big raincoat and hat climbed up the steps out of the bunker. The sailors stopped in front of him. Veronica stopped the buggy, jumped out and went to stand with the sailors. All stood in the pouring rain. The man in the raincoat lifted his head and Veronica saw the face of a Graham.

'Captain!' the sailors all shouted with joy.


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(( I just love Veronica style, all the little references sneaked in..  I love this !

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((V's stories ramble along to their conclusion and the journey is always a delight.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Tales of salty sea dogs ?!    How could I resist...




I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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