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Lost at Shore

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Veronica looked around. Nobody. Strange.


The voice again. Veronica looked around again. Nobody.

'Up here!'

Veronica looked up. Nobody.

'Behind you! Up here!'

Veronica turned around and looked up. There was a tower near a wooden hut. Up the tower on the ledge was a man dressed in white. He waved at Veronica.


Perhaps he is Czech, Veronica thought. 'Err.. ahoy,' she replied. 'Errr...dobree den...'

'Dobee what?' the man said confused.

'Oh are you not Czech?' Veronica asked.

'No, I am Jim,' the man said.

'Stormy,' another man in white said after suddenly opening shutters of the wooden hut.

'Stormy?' Veronica said.

'Yes , well actually Walter, but the others call me Stormy. Stormy Walter.'

'Call me Ishmael,' another man in white said opening the door to the hut.

The man up the tower climbed a rope down to the ground fast. The other two men came out of the hut. All three stood in line front of Veronica.

'I am Veronica,' she said.

'Ahoy Veronica!' all three said together. Veronica wanted to giggle.

'What are you doing here?' she asked. 'Do you live here?'

'We are staying here,' Ishmael said.

'Why are you all dressed in white?' Veronica asked.

'We are sailors,' Stormy said. 'Sailors wear white.'

'Have you seen our ship?' Jim asked.

Strange question, Veronica thought. She looked around her. Dry wasteland as far as the eyes see. 'Your ship?'

'Yes, we have lost our ship,' Stormy said. He swayed a little, looked a little pale. 'We are all at sea.'

Veronica looked at the dry wastelands again before turning back to Stormy. 'At sea? Are you okay?' Veronica asked.

'Yes,' he replied. 'A little landsick.'

Veronica nodded pretending she understood. 'When before did you see your ship? ' she asked.

'I remember being on the deck,' Ishmael said.

'I remember being on... a bridge...' Stormy said, 'Yes a bridge, why was there a bridge on a ship?'

'I remember things also,'  Jim continued, 'before we awake in a different ship.'

'Yes a different ship,' Stormy said, 'The ship Bunker.'

'Yes, the Bunker!' Jim agreed. 'With Captain Graham.'

'Captain Graham?' Veronica asked.

'Yes, he was in charge,' Ishmael said.

'Strange no other crew,' Stormy said before jumping into a hammock tied between the hut and tower.

'Crew? Captain?' Veronica was confused. She was about to ask another question when she noticed the collars around the sailors necks.

'Oh! You are-'

'Sailors yes.'

'No, i mean, you are, well sailors yes, but clone sailors,' Veronica tried to explain.

'Clone sailors?' Jim said confused.

'I think the Captain will explain better. Where is he?' Veronica asked.

'We do not know,' Stormy said swinging in the hammock. 'We went to explore the ship and become lost.'

'Do you know the direction of the ship, i mean bunker, i mean the ship Bunker?' Veronica asked.

'Perhaps if we have a compass,' Ishmael said.

'A compass?' Veronica remarked. 'I can help to make one!'

'Great!' Stormy said jumping out of the hammock and then falling over.

Veronica giggled. 'Do you have any things to use?'

'We have a chest full of things,' Jim said. 'Would you like to see?'

'Sure,' Veronica replied.


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((Okay. I'm hooked.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( *perks*  "Sailors !?!"

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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