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Lost and Found Rage

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To say it'd been an interesting couple of weeks would be an understatement as far as Jeassiah was currently concerned.

Finding Canni as she was in the car wash of the building Jess lived in was a surprise, then there was the quiet one, Taiyo who she'd found with Canni.
That they had come to some sort of understanding where the younger girl was concerned was also something of an unusual nature, but it was also one where Jess found herself very reluctant to discuss with anyone, including Lance and Hyle.

While She knew that the young girl was something special to many others, that she was not only laid out still, but still recovereing from what ever sickness or infection that got to her in the first place was one fo the reasons she told no one else that Canni was currently sleeping and healing in the loft over the garage. The demonstration that Taiyo shown of her skills were also convincing enough to not call in Tuki, one of the few that Jess trusted without question and knew she was busy being the medic for not just the entire town but several large raider camps was also reasons to her.

This morning as with Jess's new routine, she checked with Taiyo to see how Cannin was doing and not surprised to find, as usual, the girl was still out cold and while still healing, didnt seem to indicate wakefullness yet. Jess nodded before leaving them in the loft to head down and get some work done in the garage. And again, as part of her new routine, she checked to make sure Canni's bike was safely tucked away and ready to go. She'd done cleaned up the bike (with a flame thrower) and repaired it fully, knowing the bike was as good as when some one first built it, maybe even better with Her own tinkerings and upgrades. Jess hoped that Canni would not be pissed off with with her for fixxing up the bike.

And that led her to standing outside as the sun rose, and despite the pain the light always brought to her sensitive eyes, she basked in the morning light, that is until she heard a few of the townsmen not to far outside the front doors of the garage speaking.

At first she was not clearly understanding what they were talking about until she overheard enopugh to know some one was killed in town. And not just anyone, but the young raider girl Tuki had been training to be a new medic. When she finally understood, something else took hold in her. Something she'd was trying to be careful about, but today, with listening to the men and the way they were painting the picture...she simply let the emmotion have its way.

"...and so those self appointed pricks under the mayors boy toy were sure bugging my boys about what they knew. Not like the little bitch is worth all the shit they are stirring up, right?"

"Yeah. They sure got full of themselves since he set them up as 'Deputies' or what ever the fuck they are callin` themselves now. And I am not sorry to hear that girl got what was coming to her. Personally, I think whom ever done it, did us all a favor."

"So, who do you think did do it, "asked a third, then he raised an eyebrow as she looked past the man he spoke to, then opened his eyes wider, "John!"

"What?" asked John with a look of puzzlement.

"Oh shit, look out behind you!"

And John not quiet understanding turned around, just in time to catch the butt stock of Jeassiah's shotgun catch him full in the chest. Now Joe was no slight man, being taller and obviously heavier than Jess, but the sheer force behind the blow and surprise were enough to send him flying backwards and onto his back a few feet away, clutching his chest in pain and coughing up a bit of blood as well. His friend were about to step forward when the barrels of her massive shotgun whipped around and was pointing right at them. The other thing that held them back was the look on her face,and as one would tell his friend later he was sure she was going to kill them the way she looked at that moment.

As John was sputtering and coughing, then about to say something, the icey rage in her voice cut off all words from all the men, "IN my homeland, the murder of a Healer carried the penalty of Death by public impalement. Let me make one thing Abso-fucking-lutely clear to all you shitwits. IF I find out her killer the girl before Lance dones, I WILL fucking make his or her short life as painfilled as possible. Now get your friend and get the fuck out of my sight before I add another murder to Lances problems of the day."

Jessiah watched John's friends quickly gather him up and drag her off in the direction of the Town Clinic, she could also hear them making comments how they were going to tell the Mayor about this assault...And Jeassiah found she didn't care at all about Hyle's anger. She was too angry herself to think clearly, and she knew it, so she shouldered the shotgun and walked across the Street to the Bar and entered it willingly for the first time in many months.


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((Love it :D The possibility of vigilantism springing up never occured to me but I suppose it is certainly possible. But, like those dimwits who want to see the refugees gone and Hope returned to its wild-west days, any vigilantes would be in the minority in the town where almost all of the people strongly believe in the vision Hyle has imbued in them over the years. They trust the constabulary to get the job done.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((While that is a good point to consider, and one I didnt think about in writing, the vigilantism is NOT the point of my writing nor the end focus, Joe. One of the biggest things to me, is the Cultural referance from J's homeland. Healers are one of two exceptions to the conflict that rules the people and the culture that i based J's background on. Healers and Initiates aka Preists, are not to be harmed or killed in any conflict and carried the harshest penalty for breaking that rule. Jess is reacting to the fact that mag was trained and acknowledged as a Medic, thus a Healer in J's mind. I was also trying to write for an emotional side for my character.
Not to mention the first half is for and about Canni and Taiyo, since I have neglected my part in thatstory since I became involved.

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