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Los Alamos

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“It’s an interesting place. You’ll see.”

A moat, a canal going nowhere... an imaginary border. And behind it, solid buildings. Skyscrapers! Incredible.

“Whoa!” I said.

On our way here, through the Northfields prairie and forests of Kaibab, the nights smelled of her faux leather jacket and expensive, pre-Fall perfume. The good stuff. Sprinkled with the blood of the old world, how could I resist her?

She used to be one of the motorized wasteland rats, a prospect for some “outlaw” gang. Nothing serious, just running secure courier jobs for the Travelers. And yet, they were too proud to sacrifice freedom for something as mundane as “having a job”. So they rode free, belonging to nobody, until old age, wounds and rust got them, one by one.

Now she was getting the kicks out of being this cracked, wise beauty with a clueless bald brute, teaching him the steps.

Los Alamos was pure magic, a functional corpse of a city, a bartering post set deep in the blasted Deadfall. Racing over broken highways to get here, one would never expect to find a gem like this. I was stunned. But what struck me the most was a deep sense of calm - a pleasant grin on everyone’s face after a long, grueling trip. No faction wars, just an unsecured vault city brimming with rare crafting materials and prime salvage.

“Tomorrow,” she said, “I will teach you the most important lesson. But tonight, let’s have some fun.”

The night was good, I dare not say more.

In the morning, I realized that she left with my bike in tow and my saddle bags full of worthless junk, but my heart was still where it ought to be - out of her reach.

Alone in a treasure city, stuck deep in the Deadfall I had to hustle, beg, fight and steal just to crawl out.


I’ve learned my lesson. Thank you.


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((Hellofa first day at school. But he survived, or graduated, whichever way you want to put it. I like your wasteland, it puts skin on the bones of FE.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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((So much said with only a few words and a picture. This is wonderful writing.

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((I imagine if any can hustle and make the most of it. It's him. So resourceful. Love the picture. 

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