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Looking for work

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[[The following statement was scratched in to a bathroom stall in the women's bathroom in the NF Bunker Bar with a knife]]

Looking for paid work, radio me here 256.7 for more info



[[Sorry that this is short, if it annoys you...bite me, or don't that'd be rude]]


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*etches a face below the statement that looks strangely like Tina Belcher*

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(Um so I can't nibbly nibble at the neck?  Well poo and I was hoping to get to know one another.  Oh well all I can do is dream.  XD)

If you want me to give you any sympathy?  Well here it is, take my barrel, put it in your mouth and start sucking as I pull the trigger and blow your brains out.  Cause you're fucked up either way.  

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