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The Long Walk

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You better get going.”


Theis smiled as he put on his coat. He waited for Hyle by the Waffelhus door, after she passed he keyed the lock.


Wish me luck.” Hyle looked slightly nervous as Theis followed her down the steps.


Right behind you.” Theis encouraged as he followed Hyle across the open space towards the two rows of white painted pegs. “They are waiting for you.”


The pegs had been set out in long rows which extended from next to the Franklin office heading out firstly toward the stable cum garage just outside of Hope but then went left in a long arc to intersect the existing road near to the old church. Each peg was about 40 cm long and had a white rag nailed to the top.


Theis and Hyle walked along between the rows which were exactly 10 metres apart. Each peg 4 meters from its predecessor.


So this will be Skolegade?” Theis said quietly, perhaps to himself but Hyle nodded anyway. She still looked uncomfortable.


I hate being the centre of attention.” Hyle said.


Thies snorted. “Ja, I see that every Saturday night. Who are you trying to kid?”


No I mean civic stuff. Things like this. I don’t like to be seen as some glory loving arsehole.”


But you are the Mayor. Things like this happen and it’s expected. Let’s be honest. How long have you been working for this day Hyle hmm?”


Hyle paused her walk and turned to face Theis. “Long time. How do I look?”




Hyle smiled. Of everyone she knew, she knew Theis would give the most honest answer about her appearance.




Come then, Lets get this over with hmm?” Theis waved a hand towards the destination of their stroll.


Hyle looked. A short distance before the planned intersection there was an area of about 100 metres square pegged out and taped all around. Penned inside. Probably everyone that called Hope Springs home.


As the first few people saw Hyle and Theis approaching, they clapped. Then more clapped, some cheered some whistled. Hyle felt her face burning. She glanced at Theis.


Have I gone red?”


A bit.” Theis tried hard but failed to keep the smirk off his face. Then nodded to where the crowd had parted.


A passageway of people which led to a circular space in the throng, in the middle of the plot. Theis pushed Hyle forward. In the middle was a chromed spade set on a stand. Behind the stand Hyle was heartened, There was Tuki, There was Shadow, There was Reavy. There were all the people who were helping build Hyle’s vision.




And Hyle’s heart missed a beat. The lump filled her throat, Hyle wiped her eyes.


Hyle smiled and took her hand. “Sorja.” She hugged tightly. “You came!”


I would not have missed this for anything. I know what it means to you." Sorja indicated the spade. “Best do the job first hmm?”


Hyle had to tear herself away. She picked up the spade. The crowd cheered then fell silent. Expectant. Hyle cleared her throat and wiped her eyes. The bit she had been dreading. A speech.


Well…” Hyle could not avoid the sigh. “..Umm. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time. And now we start building a milestone for our town. And with your help, everyone here, your help. Hope Springs eternal.” Hyle smiled but winced inwardly.


That was dreadfully corny. Blame Theis. That’s his job.”


Hyle gratefully accepted the ripple of laughter, It took the tension out of her body.


Anyway… The job in hand…. I was told I had to cut the first sod. And I’m happy to do so.”


Hyle plunged the spade deep into the earth and lifted a good lump of soil out of the ground.


There you go.”


She grinned proudly.


Hope Springs School !”






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((Lol. I can hear the groan from a hundred children even now.)) Soooo... do you have anyone in mind for school supplies. *offers business card*.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Puts it next to "Lebensmittel Wittmann"  and "KKS Suppliers" cards

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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(( About time someone gave those poor bairns an edumacayshuns.

Lonely are the brave...

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