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Lonely at the Top

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It was gone five. The office had emptied. Hyle’s staff had gone home for the evening.


Reavy had just left, having gained permission to hold self-defence classes at the hostel. At least this may give the girls a little more confidence after Hyle had confiscated the weapons that Jeass had distributed.

"God that woman!"

Hyle knew what Jeass had in mind but it was certainly the wrong way to go about it.Taking the guns had had the effect of kicking away crutches on one or two of the girls, maybe a little Ju-Jitsu courtesy of Reavy might steady their nerves. At least Reavy understood Hyle’s ethos.


Now with both Reavy and Shadow undertaking a watch over Hope, the townsfolk had a visible presence. That may settle a few nerves here and there.


Hyle’s mind drifted back to Saturday’s party. Reavy knew about Shad, and Shad, despite feeling a little rejected when Reavy turned up, hopefully now understood how she felt about Reavy. He seemed to accept the idea in theory, after all Hyle had made clear her feelings right from the start. But, things were still uncomfortable when Reavy was there, in the flesh as it were. Still, he did seem to enjoy his birthday present.


Knowing Hyle for far longer, Reavy was at ease with Hyle. She knew Hyle’s needs and knew exactly how Hyle felt about her. ‘Just so long as he doesn’t hurt you.’ was all she said.


The fact was, that Reavy was more upset that she had not been around when Tuki was kidnapped. She felt she had failed in her duty to Hyle and to Hope. Hyle saw how much missing the whole episode had hurt her, and that Reavy seemed very determined to make up for it all.



Which then brought Hyle’s thoughts to the legacy of the ‘Aunt Lucy’ affair.

Earlier in the day a small delegation had arrived, they were representatives of the bar staff, cooks and cleaners of Diamond Lil’s.

They were there protesting about their sudden termination of employment due to Hyle’s ‘posh bohemian do-gooder’ stunt that had rendered them jobless. The accusation had angered Hyle a little, so she had taken them on a short tour of the hostel in order that they would see first hand the damage that the sexual exploitation of the girls had caused.

That had the effect of muting part of their cause, but there still remained the important fact that some of them had homes and hungry children to feed.


Hyle had returned to The Town Hall with them and spent the next few hours coming to an arrangement. The Troy Foundation would lease the former Diamond Lil’s to them in order they could set up a bar/diner/ restaurant, providing a loan with tiny interest to help with the set-up costs. Of course there would be certain caveats ensuring the business would be run on ‘respectable’ lines. Hyle herself nominated one of their number, the one who seemed the most level headed during their discourse, Helle Baumsgaard, to be manager of the enterprise.


Hyle was still uneasy, Aunt Lucy’s spectre still haunted her. She felt fairly certain that Slater would attempt some form of retaliation. Another nagging possibility presented itself in the way that one or possibly two of Slater’s former girls had been watching her each time she visited the hostel, despite the vast majority of the others showing nothing but gratitude that Hyle had rescued them from their plight.


Eventually, Hyle broke her thoughts and closed her office blinds.



Tomorrow is another day.”



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((Just another day for the mayor eh? (Love the pic)

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I'd write about what Shadow's been up to but there's only so many ways to describe someone reeling at the kitchen table with a burnt-out candle.

Lonely are the brave...

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