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Livin' on the edge

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"It's too far!


Canni reached back and lightly flicked the back seat jumper on it's little pink ear.

"Keep on fussin' at me an I'm gonna let you do all the work next time, how 'bout dat?"

Getting no further response she ran full throttle to the end of the roof. 

Her little friend muffled a scream against the girls boney shoulder as thread-bare sneakers lifted from the crumbling edge of a building and they became airborn, hurling towards the corner of a neighboring rooftop and landed in a mushroom cloud of loose tar and other small bits of debrie.


The girl tugged at the strap holding her buddy tight and brushed him off. He wore a makeshift yellow raincoat made of yellow, red and pink scraps of rubber and plastic. It was her attempt at keeping him as free of grime and sludge that seemed to grow on her like algae despite that it was only a few weeks ago that she took a bath in the carwash at Hope Springs.

She shook her left foot when it became wet from a festering rat bite oozing down her leg down into her shoe, but gave it no actual thought.

"Whazzat?" she said as something caught her eye.

"Where?" the little one asked.

"Over there down by the orphanage, some of the kids is lookin' at sumfin."

"Let's go take a look and find out what it is then."

"No" The waif responded curtly "We would have to get too close and someone might see us."

"Ugh" groaned her companion, "Fine then, we can stick to the rooftops, no one ever looks up"

The little clone secured the pink stuffed animal wearing a patchwork raincoat to her back again and went to look for a safe unobserved perch in which to see what had the orphans so curious.

"Okies.... hang on and shush up so ya dun make us fall" 


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Bound to attract all kinds of suscpicious types... the smell of fresh pork.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Cass finished connecting the wiring and replaced the wood.  With a few taps the sensors and camera that covered the street, now had a backup that covered the roof.  If the kids threw something up here she would know it.  She hoped it would be nothing more than a ball or some toy and bigger kid had taken as a prank.

As the group’s Urban Warfare specialist, she preferred to stay in the city among the buildings.  Since she was going to be spending most of her time working on the building and her personal projects, she will probably be the first to contact the rouge CHOTA child.

Zek had radioed her to give the rundown on thier mission.  She made sure the soda, ships, and cookies they kept around for the kids was in full supply.

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Song dedicated to the memory of Rowdy Warpath

"Badger badger badger Badger badger badger Badger badger badger Badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM"

"Shut UP! It ain't them, I told yas this a buncha times already."

The security camera got a good view of some nose picking while Canni crouched down on the roof of the old police station, peering over the edge now and then to check for any activity.

The girl became in swallowed up in memories that made her throat fill with unshed tears.

She missed them all so much, Rowdy Warpath, Chicken George and Wichita the most but also the others who for the most part were very kind no matter what bad things she did, even after Boss told her to shoot at them. Whether she needed help or a sandwich, they was always there, never yelled or made demands even if she deserved it. 

The wasteland was colder and much more empty without them.

The waif was tempted to pitch her little pink friend off the roof as it continued .. she knew the addictive song would not leave her head for days now and was making it hurt inside.

For just a few more minutes the eternal child tightly hugged a battered up pink stuffed toy in a yellow raincoat and let it absorb a few tears.

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Misty noticed the blinking light on the door panel.  She smiled looking at the youth on the monitor and wondering for a moment what the fuss was about.  She looked like a normal unwashed orphan that were a dime a dozen in the Wastes. The SIR shotgun slung across the kids back quickly changed her opinion and reminded her why they were there. 

“OK, start with the basics.” She muttered to herself.  Zek had called her and asked that she be at the station until further notice.  Cass was off on some mission, and he needed to arrange some supplies.  That left Misty to watch the place and get some work done.  Grabbing two cans of soda, and two cans of peaches Misty walked out to the porch.  She sat on the step just past the overhang.

Setting the soda down, Misty pressed a finger on the top.  A light layer of frost formed on the can.  She then opened a can for herself, and well as the peaches.  She sat back and started to eat, and waited.

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The sound of an opening soda can got the girls attention as effectively as a gunshot would have and she quickly scrambled to the edge

The fact that the waifs little knit pom-pom cap did not fall or even move when she hung her head upside down to see if it were orange flavored or not said much about the sticky mass of hair beneath it. 

In her rather bat-like position she intently watched the woman who calmly had her lunch in front of the station and the matter of a second unopened soda can did not escape the girls notice even if the security equipment had.

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Misty waited while the little head dangled there a moment, then looked up.  Misty's crystal blue eyes meet Canni's, as she raised the unopened Orange soda can.  She then spread both arms out to the side showing she was unarmed.

"Can you eat like that or you going to just watch me finish the extras I brought?"

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In a single semi-solid movement somewhere between simian and feline, Canni dropped down and landed right side up. already in motion with the orange soda in her non dominant hand to leave the other free. 

By the time she had settled in one spot just out of arms reach, the drink was open and a quarter gone. She took long gulps while sharp little eyes cut to the side, never leaving the center of the womans body, knowing it always gave away an intended move before the eyes or other parts. 

Unblinking, she stopped and shook the can to see how much was left and slowly set it down beside her, easing into her usual spring,pounce or just rest in a very Reaveresque crouch where she waited for the woman to speak, or do something else. 



One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Crystal Blue eyes regarded the young child as she settled into a comfortable position.  Frost pushed back her short hair, hooking it behind her ear as pale blue lips spread into an impish grin.

“Hello sprite.  They call me Frost.  Do do you speak, or just sit and scowl at people?”

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The girls eyes felt strained,her face too warm and her leg was throbbbing with the draining rat bite at the epicenter.

Now this woman with her bright cheery smile and a chilled orange soda like she was expecting her raised the crusty hair on the back of Canni's neck with suspicion. Since the woman wanted her to say something... she let loose a rapid fire of questions without a single breath in between.

"Why ya set bait out fer me? 

Who told ya I likes orange soda the best?

Who are you?

How do ya know 'bout me?

Dun lie either.

Are ya cops?

Got anyone locked up yet?

Got any cookies or sammiches?

I didn't do it, whatever it is.

How ya think yer gonna trap me without a gun?

Did you know the Badgers?

What else ya got in yer fridge?

How many other cops is there?

Why is yer lips blue like ya can't breath?

How did ya know I was up there?

Whos yer boss? Yas lucky my Boss ain't 'round no more"

"Ya can't prove I did it cuz i didn't leave any witnesses"

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Frost throws her head back in a genuinely warm laugh at the rapid fire questions.  She held up a hand, “Hold on there, Sprite.  I have answers to your questions.”

“First, you are free to leave when you want.  We are not trying to trap you or anything like that.  We do not think you did anything, nor are we accusing you of doing anything.   Feel free to go in and look at what is available to eat in the Ice box.  No one is in there I am here alone.”

“I am not armed, and I will sit here and not move.  When you have looked around and are satisfied, come back and I’ll answer the rest of your questions.”

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The girl made no move towards the open door, in fact she stood up and took a step back. Her curious demeanor from just a moment ago vanished and a blatant distrust was again at the front.

"Ain't no reason for me to go in .. lotsa reasons for me to not come back, so you dun have to answer nuffin at all."

She reached out and grapped the partially empty soda can but held it as if saving it for someone, her eyes flickered back up to the roof.

In the blink of an eye, the rest of her was also.

One minute your calm, the next your shooting someone in the face, then your doing your chickendance. If that is not chaos I dont know what is - Aiid

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Frost chuckled, “Suit yourself Sprite, I am just trying to be nice.  I’ll leave the cooler out here, you can help yourself to what you want.  I’ll be out back painting the wall if you want to talk.”


“If you would rather talk to the Boss, he will be here in a while.  He can explain how we heard about you, just as well as I can.”

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