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Little Girl Lost - Worse things

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The small yellow motorcycle stalled,

a thick bubbling mass of green, black and brown sludge oozed from the girl into the engine

Trapped, her and the small passenger struggled to separate themselves from the cripped machine

but the sticky foulness held them tight.

Help came, Hyle extended a hand but the putrid blob of goo pulled her in, screaming.

Sharkdog rode by and got off of his bike, desperately attempting to rescue the victims of the growing

grime and became a prisoner himself.

The toxic glob began to eat away clothing and the bikes yellow paint and eventually... flesh.

Canni screamed, the monstrous muck filling her lungs.


The waif woke up from the nightmare with a neck jarring jerk and grabbed the ever present pink teddy bear beside her.

"We gotta go get cleaned up ... there's worse things then taking a bath.


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((Dawwwww... But then, knowing a little of Canni's physiology... Probably a good idea.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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