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Little Girl Lost - DreamCrafting

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I'm dreamin' and I know this cuz trees aint made out of squares and last time I punched one it made my hand hurt instead of giving me a wood block while the rest of it hung in the air, not to mention that green thing with the frozen scream face that already blowed me up twice since I been here.  

Whats weird about this dream is the cloning pod, no lifenet bunker but just by its self on a little hill surrounded by pretty square flowers. Never seen that many flowers at one time back in ...where ever I was before this. 

Pretty sure theres a buncha stuff I'm forgetting.. who's and wheres mostly but I dun really care about all that right now, it's gonna be night soon and I need to find a better spot then this.

I had made a  wood stabby stick to kill food, green screamies and the block bones that shoot bow an arrows. I need one of those real bad but my new one is better at least.

I miss shooting stuff so much it makes me wanna cry.

Found a village full of funny lookin' big nosed grunty people that do farming and want me to trade stuff.  One of them made me a metal sword, ok so I just took it but none of them ever fight, they just get beat up and killed by zombies.

If I eat one more carrot I'll barf, I need meat and the village folks dun taste any better then the veggies they grow.  Time to go hunting, but not till the square sun comes up. Usually I dun like sleeping indoors too much but theres an empty cabin I can use and being outside at night is a bad idea in this place. 

I have lot's of paper thanks to one of the grunties that makes it. Not sure why but it feels kinda weird that I'm using it to write on... like a journal.

Dunno why but I feel like thats an important thing to do.


More later








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((case in point. Kids might look like angels when they are asleep... but you can't see what the little sods are dreaming about.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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