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Life Before Death: Jacob (Pt 3)

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"Ay Jacob!" a brutish voice called out from across the bar. It was one of those bunker bars. Jacob has found himself drifting recently, currently holed up in Terrance, unable to land a job after he was chased out of Flagstaff for wronging the absolute worst people he possibly could.
This particular voice belonged to a man Jacob had just met ten minutes ago and already forgotten the name of.
"I 'ear you been looking for a job with no luck?" this man was larger, quite round actually. He was balding and had scruff that was halfway between a beard and a shadow that just looked awful. He was wearing a white tank top that looked like he had spillen a few beers on himself already and some worn jeans.

"Where'd you hear that?" Jacob replied, asking mostly out of curtesy than actual curiousity, pulling a cigarette from his jacket and lighting it up.
"From Scarlet over there," the man lobbed a thumb in the woman's direction. She was one of the first people Jacob had the pleasure of meeting on his arrival into town and the two talked for quite awhile. She wasn't half bad looking either, Jacob thought. He smiled at her as she looked in their direction at the mention of her name. His impure thoughts were interrupted "She said you've been looking for work for awhile. I 'as wondering if you were in security at all? I could use me a new pair of hands moving supplies."
"I'm pretty good with a gun and not a stranger to heavy lifting." Jacob replied, meanwhile ordering another drink from the bartender
"Excellant! I run a caravan, just a few trucks, load up supplies and trade with a few nearby towns is all."

Their conversation went on for another hour, finalizing the details of Jacob's employment. Eventually they walked out of the bar and Jacob was following his new employer. He had finally gotten the guys name again, Ronald. They were headed for a house that Ronald said he kept his supplies in. The town's street was deserted at this hour, the sun long set and the majority of people either asleep or getting drunk.

"Right up 'ere." Ronald said, pointing to the house and climbing up the steps. He pushed open the door and stepped aside "After ya." he said, allowing Jacob to go first.

"Holy fuck..." Jacob said, immediately covering his nose as the stench hit him in the face like a ton of bricks. He turned to Ronald "What do you..." click, boom.

Jacob was dead before hitting the ground, blood beginning to pool around him.

"That'll teach you to steal from Everest ya shit eater!" Ronald kicked the lifeless body "You'll rot in here with the rest of these decayed fucks."


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Awww, and I was just starting to like him too :(

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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