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The laughing drunkard

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Your destiny will lead you, to wherever people need you,
Though danger may have found you, you have your friends around you now.


*slamming noises


*raspy breathing sounds followed by more laughter and a clink of glasses 

Two waitresses looked at each other, their expressions halfway between being shocked and confused: "How long has he been like this?"

"He arrived half an hour ago, just after the storm. At first he appeared to be in a rotten mood, maybe because of the rain, but I saw him talk to one of those Marshals so that might be the reason. He ordered half a bottle of gin and some ice and went to the table in the back. He was laughing and drinking, talking to himself since then. I wonder if he is mad or just drunk." - the other waitress replied.

"He is funny to look at. Last week he was hitting on Molly, the tall girl. But look at him now with that wolfish smile, talking to himself, laughing like he just heard the funniest joke in the world. We should turn on the music so he doesn't bother anyone with that... oh wait he is standing up!"

The bald clone in soaking wet, sun bleached LifeNet garment approached with tears or rain in his eyes, cheeks tired from laughing. His wet sneakers yelped like puppies with every step, his breathing was shallow and he almost snorted when he spoke as if suppressing another avalanche of laughter: "Girls, check me out please."

"That'll be forty white mister Komodo."

The bald man frowned and then smiled again: "No, I mean check me out. All of it. Every credit I had in this place - I need it gone. Komodo, Papi, Spot... whatever's left. You girls can't forget a face, right? I'm leaving."

"But what about that girl Molly, mister?" - one of the waitresses teased him while the other went around the bar for the ledger.

The bald man broke out into a chuckle, but it went on and on and on. At moments it seemed like he was about to stop and crack a joke, but instead he just kept on chuckling until he left the bar. Out on the porch the night air smelled of diesel and ozone and something else but it was fresh and invigorating. The clone made his way to the locker room across the street, stumbling with each step. His head bowed, his face was so tired of laughing now that he left his lips dangle, managing an occasional sharp exhale instead of laughing.

When he reached the locker room he managed to insert the key in his first attempt. Then he brought out a dry although moldy set of clothes, a decent jacket with many pockets and a synth-leather bag with a large GlobalTech logo.

"Oh boy... these clones are killin' me." - he said, shaking his head in disbelief. 



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(( Life always gets interesting when I actually manage to corner Engel :P ))

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