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A löngu síðan á Íslandi ..... [9]

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Engifer Johannsson sat outside the Kitchen Block of the Life-Net facility and rolled himself a well earned cigarette. He had taken the liberty of checking that none of the “assistants” were about first, last thing he needed was an inquest on how he had procured tobacco. Some of the Skeinir knew about his “unauthorised” supply lines but turned a blind eye, after all, cheap smokes were hard to come by.

Engi sat back against the clapboard wall, enjoying his simple pleasure, the late summer sun warmed his face. He smiled. Pretty soon another of life’s joys would come a visiting, he put his hand on the cloth bag which contained two small loafs and, today a little extra, a tin of stewed beef. Any moment now....

And as regular as ever the scrawny little blonde girl poked her head around the corner of the kitchen block and grinned a cheeky grin from under her tousled curls.

“All clear?” Silja asked him, and followed the question with a huge theatrical wink.

Engi replied with an equally theatrical look, first over his left shoulder then his right, and gave Silja a ridiculous wink. “All clear!”

Then the teddy bear peeped around the corner, closely followed by Silja, who plonked herself beside Engi.

This ritual had started quite by chance, Engi had taken a paternal shine to the cheery little blonde girl who, at the start of the summer always was at her mother’s side, but soon after, began to explore more independently. This precocious eight-year-old became quickly adept at finding “things”. This little bundle of sunshine had quickly developed a knack for getting her hands on rare items with alarming regularity.

So the business relationship had developed, Engi benefited from her successful scavenging skills, Silja in turn benefitted from extra rations and often some “specials”  sometimes even chocolate.

Silja pushed the hair out of her eyes and Engi found himself staring into her big pair of ice blue eyes and wide shiny grin. He grinned back

“No Skeinir?”  Silja always asked where the Skeinir, or Arsewipes, were. The Arsewipes in question were the camp guards.

“Nope, away in their cabin as usual. Tea break time. How’s your Momma?”

“Ohhh, she is fine. Or so she says. Huyy... She says I have to ask you if you need some clothes repairing, what with winter coming soon. She made me new gloves, See? Teddy is wearing them for me.

“Silja giggled as she showed Engi the two gloves stuffed onto the end of Teddy’s paws. “Teddy bears don’t high-berr-nian-ate like real bears, so he tries them for me, he says they are cooooool.

Silja peered around Engi, looking for a brown cloth sack “Soooo,  ya’ got anything for Momma an’ me?”

“Maybe” Grinned Engi as he lifted the sack over toward Silja.

“There’s a “special” in there for your Momma. Beef stew; make sure she gets it hmm?  Warm it first.”

“Corrrr.... “Silja reached for the bag

“Ah!” Engi stopped her hand before she got the sack. “Where’s your part of the deal?”

Silja sat back and looked smug. “Well..... Times is hard and all, and bananas don’t grow on trees.... Well, they do but... ummm  .. “She stared back at Engi defiantly.”That’s gotta be worth another tin of stew huh?”

“Another tin of....   My my, young lady, you must think I am made of the stuff...”

Silja chortled.   “Six I have”

“Six?.... Deal !” Said Engi, well impressed with the girl.

“Done !” Silja closed the deal with the usual spitting on the palm and high five ritual, chuckling all the while.

“So where you get the bananas Sil?” enquired Engi as they exchanged contraband hurriedly.

“Bahh, you think I am telling you?... puhh!” Silja grinned as she pushed Teddy down into the cloth bag, leaving his head out so he could keep watch for Skeinir on their way back to Momma” Silja’s thought about the now empty fruitbowl in The Medical Centre doctor’s tea room. She grinned. Starchy arse Phillips could do without bananas, Her Momma needed them more. Three for Momma. Six for Engi, in exchange for bread and tinned stew. Neat job.


Engi watched the flurry of blonde curls scamper away back to the dormitory block. Teddy staring back at him. He laughed softly, shaking his head “That kid’s going to do well”


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(( A nice interlude, taking Joes advice. :)    next part...  ? I am apprehensive about it

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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((I really love this kid and the story is awesome even sad

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((Dawww, there she is. I just saw a peek of the Silha I know peeking out from all those ringlets. Now i see where she learned her attitude. Nice writing.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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