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Kulturschock! [1]

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“Saturday is my day off!” Hyle announced.

Ytte dabbed her mouth and helped clear the breakfast away.

“So, lazy day. Then prepare for tonight’s party. Of course you are welcome to stay here as long as you need, Ytte. We can get to know each other a little more maybe?. And of course you MUST come to the party this eve.”


Ytte smiled politely, “This party. I think Nurse Maisie mentioned it. Maybe I….”


“Oh you must !” Hyle insisted. “There is a lot of music, dancing and of course plenty of drink.”


To be honest Ytte was tempted. It had been so long since she had been to any kind of social gathering. The last time had been a ball at her home just prior to being posted to Schleswig. Her mind drifted off, the orchestra, the men in their dress uniforms. Oh and the gown she had been given. A smile crossed her face, her father almost insisted that she was actually to wear her uniform but her mother had insisted on a gown. It was one of the few occasions that Mutti had overruled and got her way.


“I should first check on Siegfried.” Ytte needed time to think.


By the time Ytte got back to Hyle’s house it was gone midday, She tapped on the door and went inside.

“Hallo?” she called.

“I’m in the garden!” Hyle called back.

In the garden Ytte found Hyle was stretched out on a sun-lounger. Hyle indicated Ytte to come and sit in the other. Ytte sat rather stiffly, looking awkward. Hyle noticed.

“You don’t mind my bikini?” Hyle asked.

“Your what… bikini?”

Hyle indicated the red bikini she was wearing “This, it’s called a bikini, it’s a sort of bathing outfit. I was just topping up my tan.”

“Umm, right. I don’t think I have ever seen …. one before... It is a little.. revealing?” Ytte almost had to force herself to look. “I am not used to… such… immodesty.”

“Would you like me to put a shirt on? I mean if you are uncomfortable.” Hyle sat up.

“No. there’s no need, please. Just umm… “ Ytte sighed. “Where I am from, even a glimpse of ankle is considered immodest. Forgive me.”

Hyle lay back down. She wondered about how Ytte would react when she got to the party. Perhaps she should prepare Ytte a little.

“So you were embarrassed when Reavy came downstairs last night, I guess?”

Ytte felt herself blushing. “Yes, it was, unexpected?”


Hyle turned her head toward Ytte who was looking straight ahead.

“What will you wear to the party tonight?” Hyle asked.

Ytte sighed. “I was not sure I should come, I have no gown and..”


Hyle rolled off her lounger and stood up, offering Ytte her hand. “Come. Let’s see if we can find you something to wear, maybe you will feel better about coming to the party.”


Ytte followed Hyle upstairs apprehensively. She wondered why and what she was expecting. Despite herself, and also because of Hyle’s infectious enthusiasm, Ytte let herself be brought along.


Hyle grinned indicating her copious wardrobe space. She opened one wardrobe. Ytte peered inside, surprised at the number of items inside and also surprised at the lack of cloth. She coughed.

Hyle stepped back and considered where to start. She reached in and pulled out a decorative crop top and some shorts. She gave them to Ytte who looked at them with wide eyes.

“Try these.”

Ytte looked at the clothes then at Hyle. “But.”

“Go on, there’s only me here.” Hyle encouraged.

Ytte looked around for a screen. There was nothing. Did Hyle expect her to undress in front of her?


Hyle put her hand on Ytte’s shoulder. “Hey, don’t think about the ‘me and Reavy thing’. I’m much more into guys. She’s just, special? The only woman I want really.” Hyle’s eyes were understanding, her charismatic charm relaxed Ytte a little.

“I can go downstairs…” Hyle offered.

“Umm, it’s not neccesary.” Ytte gave a little ground. She felt like she should accept Hyle’s guidance, that she should maybe try and get used to this more bohemian lifestyle. Hyle turned away anyway. Ytte undressed nervously and put on the not-much-clothing.


“Okay.” Ytte announced.


Hyle turned around and appraised Ytte in her new style, She looked stiff and awkward, but the outfit did suit her perfectly. Hyle was quick to compliment, and made one or two adjustments to the shoulders and hips. Ytte felt as if she was almost naked. Hyle fussed a bit here and there at the crop top then guided Ytte over to the full length mirror on the corner.

“How do you feel?”

“Different.” Ytte admitted with a tight grin. She looked at herself in the mirror and the acres of bare flesh. She did like what she saw. Ytte began to relax.



“Okay! Lets try something different hmm?” Hyle reached into the wardrobe again. Ytte allowed a smile to herself. She was actually enjoying this.


dress up



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((He he, I'm enjoying this. :D

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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