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Knowing your limits

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Abyss crouched on the roof of the old factory across the road from the orphanage.  Behind him was the old N.F.P.D. station.  It seemed all but abandoned, with most of the group having vanished into the unknown.  He chuckled remembering the bronze leader with the cute ass that Damion constantly flirted with.  Abyss’s personal favorite were the twins.  One Lightbringer, one a CHOTA, and both bat shit crazy.

A loud burst of laughter came from down the street and returned him to the task at hand.  His current perch allowed him a line of site on the 3 story building used to house the lost and discarded youth of the wasteland.  It swarmed like an ant hill with children, but he was able to pick out a few that matched the drawing he saw.  He had already figured out that finding the one he was searching for would require a closer look.  But doing so would mean entering the building.  And since it seemed to be active 24/7 that would require a delicate hand and a warm smile.  Both qualities Abyss did not have.

He was used to pulling he prey to a secluded location, and extracting information from any method he wanted.  This would require entering the building and walking among the crowd.  He knew exactly what would be required to do that and it took the burden off his shoulders.  He was tired of chasing children and hiding in the shadows.

Abyss concentrated a moment and a second later his collar beeped. “Yes, Little Brother.  What do you need?” Damion’s voice said in his ear.


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((Some monsters lurk in the night and hide in shadows. Others move freely in the light and hide behind a smile.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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