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Knock, Knock, Knocking on Halloween Door

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It was Halloween and the gloom of the evening seemed to be alive with mischief. Or so Veronica liked to imagine. As she stood in Lukas lab in New Flagstaff she glanced over to the carved pumpkin near the window. Well, it was not really a pumpkin, more a oversize tainted vegetable of some kind. Actually it was not really carved, more hacked to some hideous form by the enthusiasm of Veronica but with very limited skill. She smiled. It really was hideous. Luka hated it but it quite is the resemblance of him she thought. Veronica looked at the grinning face again and shivered, she was feeling cold. She walked over to a chair and picked up her sweater. Not only cold but hungry also, she picked up one of the apples from a bowl on a shelf and bit it.

That was when someone knocked on the door.

Outside the woman from the New Flagstaff Association of Social Standards stood in front of the door. She glanced at the poor disfigured vegetable at the window with disgust. The New Flagstaff Association of Social Standards did not approve of such vulgar things. None of the members, both of them, would never support such display. Especially her husband. He would not dare. Ghosts, monsters indeed! Stupid and foolish. She had heard that a clone was staying at this place. Someone had to tell this clone that these things are not acceptable.

The door opened but before she had a chance to speak a purple headless creature stepped forward moaning loudly. The woman from the New Flagstaff Association of Social Standards screamed and ran away as fast as her expensive shoes allowed.

Veronica pulled the rest of the sweater over her head. She looked at the step in front of the door, the apple still held in her mouth, but nobody was there. She removed the apple so she could speak again rather than mumble and looked down and up the street. Nobody there. Strange, she thought, scream and run away, perhaps another local tradition to learn? She closed the door. The hideous face in the window continued to look out almost as if it was laughing at the world outside.


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(( the two things that cannot be killed by nuclear fire....roaches and homeowner's associations.  i hope VV has seen the episode Arcadia from The X-Files.

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*With selected excerpts from 'Götterdämmerung' playing in the background, Miss Brown adds "The New Flagstaff Association of Social Standards" in her neat, cursive script to a long, long list.*


(Thanks V. It would be Halloween without a Volt story.) Wink

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