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Jólaleik frá löngu síðan

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Jólaleik frá löngu síðan - A Christmas tale from long ago

Silja sat Anneka down at the kitchen table for her milk and cookies then joined her with a welcome cup of coffee.


Silja..” Anneka said from behind a milky moustache. “What was the thing Poppa shotted?”

Silja smiled “It was a Julebok. Aunty Hyle sent it for Christmas.”


Oh.” Anneka’s brow furrowed, Silja smiled. Milk time was always a time for a nice chat and the brow furrowing always meant cogs were turning inside Anni’s head and questions were queuing up.


So why he shotted it?”


Silja shrugged, her face showed a grin. “Maybe he got a fright. It was a bit big in fact.”


Why would Poppa be scared of a jooley bonk?”


Ah well..” Silja widened her eyes and settled into story telling mode. Anneka beamed. She liked stories and cookies and milk.


Well you see. In Iceland, where I come from, the winters are long and dark, and at Christmas time the nights are so long you only see the sun for a little time, three, four hours maybe.”

Anyway. Because the nights are so long, it is a good time for Trolls and Ogres to roam around and do lots of naughty things. Trolls like Bjúgnakrækir, The sausage-swiper. Þvörusleikir, The Spoon-Licker, and Hurðaskellir , the door slammer!.”


Anneka’s eyes widened. Silja turned up the theatricals.


AND.. worst of all. There was one, who lived far away in a cave under a black mountain. A black mountain which had fire coming out of the top of it. Inside this mountain lived Grýla !”


Silja announced the name with wide eyes and a fearful look on her face, just to add more suspense. Anneka put down her milk and watched Silja spellbound.


Grýla lived in the cave with her thirteen sons. And she was a huge scary Ogre!.”


Silja banged the table. Annneka jumped, then laughed. Silja went on.


She was huge, and very very ugly. Her teeth were sharp and pointy, Her nose was bended, and when she laughed, Seagulls would fly away in fear, screaming!”


And at Christmas time, when the snow was thick on the ground, Grýla would send out her thirteen sons from the fiery mountain. And do you know what they did?”


An open mouthed, enthralled Anneka shook her head.


Her sons were called Jólasveinarnir. The Yule Lads, and In the nights before Jól, they would run around the towns and villages looking at all the children through the windows of the houses to see who was good and who was naughty.”


But the curtings would be closded.” Anneka pointed out a technicality.


Yes of course, But the Yule Lads carried hooks which they use to move the curtains so they can peek inside. They saw everything, Who were the good boys and girls and who were the bad boys and girls.”




And then do you know what happened?”


Anneka shook her head.


Well, to the good boys and girls, The Yule Lads would leave them a small present as a reward.”


Silja paused for effect until the inevitable next question came from under wide eyes.”


Wots abouts the bad ones?”


Ohhh. The bad ones? The Jólasveinar would steal all the bad boys and girls and take them to the fiery mountain and give them all to Grýla! And Grýla would laugh and come to them and say..”

Silja leaned forward and crooked her fingers and summoned the witchiest of witchy voices.


All of you bad boys and girls, I am going to eat you all UP!”


And Grýla put all of the bad children into a huge black pot and made them all into stew so she could eat them all winter. Naughty girl and boy stew was Grýla’s favourite dinner in fact.”


Anneka’s face was a picture. “I hopes you was good girl in Icy-land.”



Silja chuckled “Well I am here, hmm?





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Joe walks past, newspaper in one hand and brandy in the other.

"Aaaand guess who's just pulled nightmare duty tonight."

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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Run! Ogre! Oh wait, it is only Joe up there. A nice story within a story and a wonderful picture also.

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