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Veronica arrived at the Medic building early. The dark skies showed a storm was coming. It was important to arrive before the rain Veronica told to herself. Nothing at all because of her toothdoctor, Mr Vollmund, the handsome Mr Vollmund, with his kind face, soothing voice, dark curl which falls over the eye. Nothing at all.

A sign hung on the door read:

     Inzahnity Toothdoctors
     Here this week

She opened the door and went inside.

Another sign.

     Toothdoctors up the steps.

She obeyed and began walking up. She was half the way when suddenly a man who whimpering to himself ran down, he grabbed Veronica and began to shake her. 'Run!' he said, his eyes wide and wild. 'Run! Do not go up there! Run' He then followed his own advice, ran down the steps and out the door.

Strange, Veronica thought. She went back down and closed the door. She smiled to herself, why are some people so afraid toothdoctors she thought to herself. Who could be afraid of Mr Vollmund. She began walking up the steps again and then stopped. Unless, she thought, unless that man met the other toothdoctor. She paused, indecision moment, then she shrugged and walked up the steps.

Above a woman wearing spectacles and hair tied into a tight ball on her head, sat at a table with a list of names and times. 'Name?' she asked looking at Veronica over the spectacles.

'Veronica Volt,' Veronica replied. 'I am here to see Mr Vollmund.'

The woman ran her finger down the list. 'Volt...Volt...Volt....  aah yes, here you are. You are early.'

'Yes,' Veronica explained. 'I thought to arrive before the rain begins.'

'I hear no rain,' the woman said.

'No, it is not raining now, but the skies are-' Veronica began before being interrupted.

'Well, there is a problem.'


'Yes, Mr Vollmund had to go to an emergency. A baseball game without balls, only rocks.'

'Oh... Okay. Do I make a new appointment?'

'No,' the woman replied immediately. 'You will see Karies, the other toothdoctor.'

Veronica felt all the blood run cold inside her.

The darkness from the sky came down on the town, and filed the room. Veronica heard rain begin to fall heavy outside. Behind the woman, a door opened. A flash of lightning suddenly filled the room with light and Veronica had a glimpse of a figure standing in the doorway, wild hair, eyes almost glowing, Chota, Karies. Veronica gulped.

'Perhaps another day...' Veronica stammered.

'Nonsense! Mr Karies is ready for you,' the woman at the desk instructed.

From the doorway a low growling voice said one word 'Enter.'

Veronica gulped again, walked to the door and entered the room. The door closed bang.

Inside the gloomy room, Karies the Chota toothdoctor pointed to a chair in the middle of the room. 'Sit!' he commanded. Veronica sat. Her eyes moved around. Shadows danced across the walls as the flames from candles and lanterns flickered. Veronica suddenly realised Karies was tying ropes around her wrists and the chair. Her breathing increased.

'A precaution,' Karies muttered. 'I had patients before, they... escape.'

Please come back Mr Vollmund, Veronica repeated in mind again and again. Please! Please!

'Open' Karies said. Veronica opened her mouth and Karies began to examine her teeth. He leaned closer. Veronica saw nothing but his scary face and wild hair. Are his teeth sharpened? Veronica thought. It felt like his eyes could see into her mind. Scary...very scary.. But strangely he breathes mint fresh.

'Hmmm...hmmm...' Karies growled to himself. 'Soda... I hope you brush everyday.'

Veronica, mouth open wide, and eyes open wider, nodded. 'yusss, yusss, ehrery dai' she said, or tried to say.

Karies stared at Veronica as if deciding if to believe her or not. 'There is some plaque,' he said. 'I will need to remove it.'

He walked over to a table and picked up a huge syringe. Veronica closed her mouth, and felt her heart begin to beat faster, ice on the spine. Karies walked back towards Veronica who looked at him eyes wide with fear. Lightning flashed as if on command. Karies looked at Veronica and then held the syringe over a cup and pushed the end. 'Something for my coffee,' he explained. He took a sip of the coffee and then returned to the table taking the syringe and cup away. He returned with a set of tools.

'Vollmund went to a baseball accident in Old Kingman,' he said to Veronica. 'Have you heard of baseball?'

Veronica nodded.

Karies examined the tools and then picked up one, holding it high to examine closer. Light reflected from it. Veronica stared at it. The hand holding the tool suddenly lowered as Karies asked Veronica 'Is it safe?'

Veronica looked to Karies confused.

'Is it safe?' he repeated'

Veronica did not know what he was saying.

'Is it safe?'

Veronicas stared at him, fear rising.

'Is it safe? Is it safe? Baseball, is it safe to play?'

Veronica breathed relief. 'I do not know,' she said 'I have never seen it.'

'Hmmm,' Karies growled. 'Rocks. Broken teeth. It does not seem safe.' He raised the shining tool again. 'Anyway, now the work begins,' he said.

It is strange how time seem to pass very fast. This is how it is with Mr Vollmund. However, with Karies it is different. Every minute is like ten, every ten like thirty, every thirty feels like a hour. As Veronica sat in the chair, time flowed very s...l...o...w...l...y

Suddenly it was over. 'Now rinse with the water,' Karies told Veronica. Veronica tried to move her arms. 'Oh yes... untie you first,' Karies reminded to himself.

After rinsing, Veronica pretended to the cloth to wipe her face, she did not like the red stains on the cloth. She stood from the chair. Karies wrote a note on a piece of paper. 'Take this to Mrs Nolar at the table and you can pay the bill there. Veronica took the note, her hand shaking.

'Err... thank you... errr... sir?' she stammered.

'Keep brushing!' Karies commanded.

'Oh yes... of course... keep brushing'

'Not too much soda!'

'No... no, less soda yes. Hmmm... good bye... it was nice to... ummmm... oh Happy Halloween! I like your mask'


Veronica pointed to the scarey mask hanging on a hook in the corner. 'Yes your Halloween mask. Ummm... errr... nice to... good bye! Good bye!'
Veronica ran out of the room but took care to close the door quietly.

Karies remained in the room, he looked to his mask. 'Halloween?' he growled confused.


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(( never trust a skinny chef or a dentist who doesn't have teeth decorating the office

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"Is it safe?" LOL I love falling down the rabbit hole into Veronica's world!

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( I would feel safe with a dentist named Vollmound. Which reminds me to make appointment to Dr, Rådnetænder.*giulp*

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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