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Incident in New Flagstaff Franklin Riders Office

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And now back to the news of incident at the Franklin Riders Office in New Flagstaff where an unknown thief committed robbery making away with six packages.

Initial witness statements from a nearby group who had recently emerged from the Bunker Bar described the thief as a short person of considerable height, long cropped hair with a bald head and a wide brimmed hat. Those statements were later said to be unreliable.

However our contact in New Flagstaff managed to discover that the Rider who was there at the time described the man as tall with a fairly large figure and wearing a large brown duster, brown shirt, workman gloves and a large turban gas mask hiding the face. It is said the thief was alone as no accomplice was seen and seemed to be interested only in the heavier packages. The thief told the Rider to turn around and stay on his knees before searching for the heavier packages. The Rider later escaped with an injury to his shoulder from a gun but doctors from the clinic say he will recover.

Anyone who witnessed this crime or perhaps saw any suspicious activity in the area are asked to contact the N.F.P.D. or an appropriate person in authority.

Now in other news, doctors in the area say they are alarmed with the increase in Bunker Bar ladder related injuries...


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((Hold up, hold up... The N.F.P.D.?.... They did it? :D

I like the idea of radio broadcast being used this way :)

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Two red wires extended from a gadget, burying themselves in a putty-like lump resembling a piece of clay. There was a man looking at it, wearing a helmet with a visor pulled down over his face. His wire-cutters had already snapped a few wires, and now it all came down to removing the lump away from the electronics.

Another man with a helmet was crouching barely a few feet away, resting his submachine gun on a rock, keeping his view on the landscape. More minutes passed in silence behind that rock, when finally...


The sound of static made both of them jerk back in surprise. The man with the gun turned his view to the other one.

He whispered sharply: "Damn it! Are you done already!?"

"Almost, Blake. Almost.", the man smirked, pulling his visor up to reveal sweat on his face. He kept turning a small wheel on the gadget until the sound changed to a voice, fighting through the static.

"...news of incident at the Franklin Riders Office in New Flagstaff where an unknown thief committed robbery making away with..."

The man with the gun gave the other man a stern look: "A radio. You dragged me all the way out to a Redzone to scrap a freaking radio."

"And plasticine.", the man added, waving the lump around. "Not exactly plasticine, but the kids'll love it."

Blake shook his head, returning his view over the rocks while he was listening to the news.

(( Absent more or less at the moment, but it's nice to hear what's going on out there. ))

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*tunes into his radio listening*

Shit, Looks like the N.F.P.D are gonna be staying sharp. I knew I should've used a silencer. God damn.


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