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" I wake up in the basement... "

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I wake up in the basement…..

.. I’m hungry, I’m dry.”



He opened his eyes and took the few moments necessary for his sight to become accustomed to the gloom.

The regular splish drops of water into the bucket over by the wall had woken him from his slumber. He sighed, it must be raining outside.



I must be here sleepwalking……

.. mustn’t I?”



He could not remember how he got there. Or even why he had woken to find himself in the basement of The Ranyhyn Building.

The basement. Often euphemistically referred to as the ‘Hospitality Suite’ or ‘The Guest Room’ but the kids in the street whispered, or scared each other for kicks. But the truth was there. More people entered The Ranyhyn Building than left.


At least they used to. In the past year the building had taken on a dilapidated air. It’s uncared for facade invited vandalism. But no one did. At least the older, wiser kids didn’t. The building still had an aura. A history.



Getting up from my easy chair looking for a light……

.. Following a trail of crimson spots that lead into the night.”



As he stumbled around in the gloom He almost lost his footing, treading on something soft, something slippery. He heard the squelch underfoot.



Suddenly I realise, I see it all with real eyes…….

.. These crimson spots are dripping from my hands.”



He switched on the light. The fluorescent tube flickered into clicked into life bathing the room in its cold white glare. The ‘something’ glistened wet in a pool of red.



And Oh….. It makes me feel like a man,”







Blame insomnia, a bath taken at 03:00. Too much on my mind Too much thinking time. Forgive me for bringing Dwight back.


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((Nothing to forgive. Dwight is an excellent antagonist.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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