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I, Rabbit

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Veronica heard a voice, opened her eyes, and blinked a few times. 'Am I still asleep?' she said trying to focus on the giant rabbit with glowing eyes crounching in front of her.
"Veronica..." the giant rabbit said calmly. 'I have come to help you lead my bunnies.'
Veronica sat up in her corner of the Luka Lab Storeoom in New Flagstaff.
'Wait,' she said. 'Is this something about time? and loop? and loop?'
The giant rabbit ignored the question, twitched his nose, and said 'They have gone wrong. Bunnies are supposed to be nice and cute.'
'Not vicious and angry?' Veronica asked.
'You must return to Hope once more,' the giant rabbit explained, 'and lead them from their horrible situation.'
'What if the farmers see me?' Veronica said.
'Disguise yourself,' he replied.
'How? Ears?'
'I once saw three strange men dressed as bunnies near Picus.' the giant rabbit said.
'I make a disguise?' Veronica asked unsure.
'I will tell you how,' the giant rabbit said with confidence. 'Then to the fields of bunny transgressions!'

One hour later they stood at the side of the field.

'Now we hop to the bunnies,' the giant rabbit said.
'They look angry,' Veronica said without confidence before they both stepped into the field.
The giant rabbit suddenly announced loudly 'Bunnies! Raise your ears! Hear us!'
A few of the rabbits stopped and looked towards the noise. One began to move.
'One comes!,' Veronica said amazed.
The giant rabbit presented two large carrot shape tablettes with scratches on them.
'On these are the ten bunny commandments!' he said loudly. 'Do not covet thy farmers vegetables! Thou shalt not steal!'
The ground began to rumble.
'Thou shalt not murder!'
'Do you feel the shaking?' Veronica asked looking to the sky as rumbles were heard over them. Clouds swirled above as the giant rabbit continued to shout each bunny commandment.
The giant rabbit paused for breathe before shouting 'Now follow us! As we part the green cornfield and cross into the promised land!'
The rabbit who had moved to them showed sharp teeth and began to move closer. The giant rabbit held up a paw, 'Stop! In the name of St. Peter Rabbit!'
Veronica and the giant rabbit moved into the field and began to hop.

'What are you doing?' a woman laying in the bed asked her husband who was standing at the bedroom window looking out.
'I can hear something, from the field,' the farmer said.
'Probably your friends still drunk and singing,' his wife said. 'I am surprised you can all see anything clear after the beer. Do you know how many empty bottles there were in front of you four?'
'Shhh,' the farmer hushed. 'Someone is out there? Where is my binnocular? Oh there, let me look...' He held it to his eyes and looked.

Die Kaninchen

He said nothing for a few seconds as he tried to understand what he was seeing. Eventually his wife said 'What is it? Your friends singing again?'
The farmer continued to look before asking 'How many bottles did you say?'

Veronica heard a voice, opened her eyes, and blinked a few times. She could hear Luka below talking to someone about prices of shampoo.
It was daylight. How long was she asleep? She moved the blanket and looked at her feet somewhat puzzled. Why were they covered in mud?


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(( Who's your dealer and do they ship overseas?

Lonely are the brave...

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Quite, quite, mad Veronica.

Stick with me kid and you'll be farting through silk.

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(( aww  Vee....  winner of the golden carrot award for ....  um...   what was it?

I would rather die peacefully in my sleep, like Grandad, than screaming, like his passengers

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